The Busy Bee Cleaning companyBusy Bee Cleaning Company has been using Customer Thermometer for over a year now and I think it’s fair to say we’ve found a fan of the service!

The founder and owner of the business, Alonzo Adams asked us whether he could provide a testimonial for us after Customer Thermometer has made such a difference to his business. Who were we to say no?

Alonzo kindly spoke to us for about 20 minutes, and we’ve tried hard to cut his thoughts down to a mere 3 minutes. We like to keep things brief and simple, like our service.

Alonzo – thank you for your time – and we wish you continued success with your fast growing business.


How are you finding Customer Thermometer?

We love it; it’s amazing. The results are incredible.

Our response rate now is somewhere up roughly around about 52%, which again, we’re coming from 20% a lesson. Now we’re moving up into over 50%, which is incredible at any type of system or program that you have, that’s actually looking for feedback from your customers.

It’s very easy to use, it’s very convenient. We’re now in a routine; it’s a part of our process. Everything is very A, B, C; and it’s done.

We actually send this out, and we have this out to our customers that we serviced yesterday. We can get this out in less than ten minutes, and it’s done.

Tell us about Busy Bee Cleaning

Busy Bee is a residential cleaning powerhouse, I would like to say. We’ve been in business now for 20 years. The one particular thing about Busy Bee, we’re recognized as one of the most successful residential cleaning services here in the country. What we actually pride ourselves on is giving the highest level of service that you could actually find in a professional residential cleaning service.

What do your customers think of our surveys?

The first time that we actually sent out our first blast, when we sent that out to our customers, it was amazing the feedback that we were getting from our customers. They were basically saying, “Wow. This is so convenient. It’s so easy to use. I can get this on my cell phone; I can get it on the iPad. I basically just go in and I just click or tap the one response. Bam!”

Why not use the traditional annual survey?

The information is instantly delivered to us. We want everything in real time. We’re sitting back, and we want to know how our customers feel in real time; not next week, not a month from now, we want to know in real time, what did our customers think about the service they received yesterday? That’s what Customer Thermometer does for us. It allows for us to have real time, instant feedback from our customers.

How valuable are Customer Thermometer reports?

We like the ease of use. We like the response, and definitely, I didn’t mention this, but I must mention this, we love the way that you can actually go and see statistics. There’s data you can track. You can actually see who’s responded in the past, who has never responded. You can actually go and look at graphs and see what your response rates are for a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. The graphs are great. The data is phenomenal.

Would you recommend Customer Thermometer?

I would recommend it because of this one reason: The customer. If the customer loves it, they see it as convenient, the ease of use, absolutely. Our customers love it.