Customer Thermometer v2.0 released today

Customer Thermometer was conceived 5 years ago last week. We’ve been on quite a journey.

To celebrate, we wanted to release something big – and that’s exactly what we’ve just done. We’re calling this release 2.0, because it is a major milestone and a huge step forward in the
customer satisfaction monitoring functionality we now offer.

Below, we outline everything that’s new – which will benefit our oldest, newest, biggest and smallest customers – there’s something inside for everyone. We’d also like to thank you for being on this journey with us, and thank you for your valued custom these last few years. It’s your feedback which has developed this version 2.0, so we are excited to share it with you today…

A gorgeous, feature-packed new dashboard

The first thing you’ll notice when you log in is your new dashboard.

Previously, the dashboard displayed all results stored within an account. Over time, with 100’s or 1000’s of responses in account, it was hard to notice changes. From today, you’ll be able to look at the last 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days or 90 days with a single click.

You’ll notice new metrics, including a ribbon explaining what’s changed between the current period and last period, comparisons of NPS, happiness, and color ratings…

Customer Thermometer NPS Reporting ribbon

Our new dashboard also brings with it a graphical view of response volume and type over time, making it simple to see how you’re doing. We are also delighted to introduce a zoomable map, so you can pinpoint areas of dissatisfaction by geography. Not only will you be able to see clicks in real time on your dashboard, but for those wanting to confirm / track locations and IP addresses, from today, all clicks will have IP addresses and country information associated with them. You can view the IP addresses in your export reporting.

Customer Thermometer geolocation satisfaction map

What’s also really cool is that those metrics all update in real time – no page refresh is needed. We can’t stop looking at ours – it’s addictive viewing!

You’ll now be able to see how your teams are performing in real time and deal with issues immediately, straight from your dashboard.

2.0 reporting has landed

Sophisticated new reporting is available on new tabs in the Reporting section, like…

Report maker – create your own custom reports for any combination of timeframes and thermometers (including multiple thermometers). Compare one slice of data against another and see how things are changing. The report can also show you the difference in percentage point terms between your two data slices:

Customer Thermometer report maker

New graphing system – we have created a new graphing system, with detailed data available in mouseovers is available throughout. Hover your mouse over different areas for a more detailed breakdown of that data.

Target setting – this is a brand new and incredibly powerful part of the system. You can now set yourself targets on customer feedback, NPS, ratings numbers and more, and see how you’re doing in our brand new targets section:

Customer Thermometer targets feature

Not only does the Targets section show at a glance if you’re on/above target (green) or below (red) but this section also captures every spot month’s historical figures since your account started. So you can see in one place all your responses and CSAT/NPS results.

To use this feature, simply click on “reporting” and then the “Targets” tab. Set your targets and you”’ instantly see how you’re doing against them. Finally, once you’ve set your targets, you’ll be able to see how you’re doing against them on your main dashboard too, as they will form a targets line in pink on your temperature rating graph. So pink is your target, blue is last period and orange is current period:

Customer Thermometer v2.0 released today

League tables – League tables have also been extended so that you can generate league tables for multiple thermometers, across all custom fields. This gives you a depth of insight beyond anything previously possible, as well as the ability to look at CSAT and NPS ratings across any/all data you have (things like agent, staff member, position in your sales funnel, territory, product bought…. the sky’s the limit!)

We’ve extended our custom fields

Like so many other features, we’ve added, we’ve responded again to customer demand for more custom fields. As our users become more sophisticated with data – it’s now possible to store up to 10 custom fields against each click. This adds huge power to the League Tables – so you can now see your satisfaction data ranked against 10 variables if you wish.

Better looking and sortable data tables

With customers now measuring all types of different data – fields can become long… This has meant some of the reporting tables haven’t looked so pretty. They’ve all now been smartened up and we hope you’ll enjoy the new layout. We’ve also made sure that every column can now be sorted ascending / descending for quick reviews.

Behind the scenes

Like so much software, much of the work over the last few weeks has been going on behind the scenes. With our diverse customer base, including many large corporate customers, we needed to improve how we dealt with ‘big data’. Customers with 000’s of responses coming in regularly needed to have improved page load times and better tools for analysis. We’ve now delivered that.

Kayako integration improvements

Self-hosted Kayako users can now link directly to their tickets – we’ve extended the Kayako Thermometer set up so that you can define a self-hosted URL now – as opposed to purely a Kayako sub-domain.

Brand new icon sets

Many of our icon sets have been with us since the beginning – we thought it was time for a bit of a refresh and so we’ve added plenty of new sets – for both Embedded and Email Thermometers. Don’t forget you can still design and upload your own too.

customer thermometer satisfaction smileys emoticons

Version 2.01 now live: New alert emails… now live

Red and yellow email alerts, and comment alerts have had a makeover to include all 10 custom fields as well as being more richly colored to make them easier to see at-a-glance.


And finally…

There are more great features coming down the line soon in 2.1, do keep your eyes on our blog for details.

There’s a bucketload of new features here to enjoy, and we would love your feedback on them, especially if there’s something you’d like to improve or any bugs you spot. Please drop us a line using the feedback form below with your thoughts, however large or small!

Once again, thank you for the awesome feedback you’ve given us that we’ve built into 2.0 Keep it coming!

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