Examples of new features for customer feedback

As promised in our coming soon post a few weeks back, after extensive testing, we’re delighted to announce an even tighter integration between Zendesk and Customer Thermometer.

Whether you’re already a Zendesk user, or considering becoming one, this feature is definitely for you and changes the game as far as feedback and ratings are concerned within the world’s most popular helpdesk service.

What’s changed?

Until today, the integration between the two services allowed you to embed our feedback buttons into support threads or other triggered emails. Clicks and feedback would be recorded inside your Customer Thermometer account and you would be able to view reports inside your dashboard.

This reporting was not available from within Zendesk.

Today, that all changes. Now, with the addition of some credentials, you are now able to see Customer Thermometer ratings and comments inside your support threads in real time (even when a ticket is still open – ie unsolved), plus when a ticket is marked as solved, the next piece of Customer Thermometer feedback received against that ticket ID, will become the ‘official’ Zendesk rating for that ticket.

This means that your agents can now see feedback and comments against the ticket, in real time, meaning they can react accordingly, plus supervisors or agents  no longer need to check inside Customer Thermometer for day to day results – everything is contained within your Zendesk account.


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Combine this with custom fields, the ability to route alerts and comments to agents or supervisors, and you have everything you need for a great feedback service!

What do I need to do next?

Nothing, if you don’t want to! Any Zendesk Embedded Thermometers you have set up will still work without any issues. You only need to make changes, if you’d like this write back functionality.

To receive your comments and ratings inline, you’ll need to look at our Zendesk integration instructions and follow the simple process. It’s a simple case of adding a few pieces of information from your Zendesk account into your Thermometer template. Once it’s done – you won’t need to touch it any further. Simply sit back and watch the feedback roll in.

Thank you’s

We’d really like to thank the team from Polaris Management who pioneered this approach a few months’ back and took the trouble to share their work with us. Without them, this would have been a lot harder. We took their concept and have made it work for everyone. In addition, we’d like to thank all the customers who beta tested this writeback, in particular, the team at Moonfruit.

Whilst testing, we’ve also been given many other ideas for developing this integration and they’re all good – so watch this space!