With growth, sometimes comes pain and on Friday 9th May, we realise that Customer Thermometer didn’t live up to our normal high standards.

Due to an unprecedented demand on the application on Friday, our customers (not their feedback recipients) will have noticed the application running much slower than usual as our servers weren’t able to keep up with demand at certain parts of the day.

As a result of this overload, if you sent an Email Blast between 8am and 1pm EST, some recipients may have received duplicate surveys. This was related to the high demand on the server and is something we’ve now fixed, even if we experience high loads in the future. Note that Email credits were correctly calculated – the duplicates did not have an adverse effect on the credits in your account.

Recipient clicks were not affected. No reporting data was affected and users of Embedded Thermometers were not affected (other than with the slow running of the site).

As a team, we are incredibly disappointed at what happened on Friday. This weekend was ‘cancelled’ as we worked through the issues and causes and are now working up server plans to match our growth.

We hope you weren’t inconvenienced too much and we will keep you uptodate with our plans.

Lindsay Willott, Mark Copeman

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  1. Phil Holcombe
    Phil Holcombe says:

    This event occurred before we started using the tool, but I am very impressed at the transparency shown, in publishing the root cause analysis like this.

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