We’ve suspected it for a while, but now it’s official. Happy employees do make happy customers. This link was first studied in the mid-80’s, but it’s never been more important than today.

In our second edition of Customer Thermometer TV, our co-founder Mark Copeman talks to the Managing Director of Performance equations, Joe Espana about the link between the two.

Joe has been working in this area for many years and talks through some of the stats, case studies and research which fundamentally proves this link.

Joe’s been using Customer Thermometer for a while with his customers and finishes our interview by explaining how it can be (and is being) used to make how staff are feeling and what to do with those results…

You can find out more about Joe’s work at Performance Equations here.

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  1. Mark Copeman
    Mark Copeman says:

    Hi Joe – just wanted to add my thanks for your time and doing this interview with us – it’s really insightful. I’d never properly considered the link before.

    Best wishes,

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