Achieving compliance with ISO 10002, (customer satisfaction), no matter how big or small your company, calls for:

  • an open, effective and easy-to-use process
  • a customer-focused environment open to feedback
  • running a customer satisfaction survey at least once per year
  • ensuring that those survey results drive improvements in the business.

This all makes sense – the valuable insight obtained from monitoring and measuring customer satisfaction can help you with a range of things, from improving your strategy, products, business processes and approach, through to keeping customers longer and achieving better word of mouth marketing.

But the problem with getting just one annual “dump” of survey feedback however, is that it’s very difficult to fix a problem for a customer that might have happened 10 or 11 months ago.

Receiving such a large amount of survey feedback in one go is a huge burden on any person or team, meaning that it’s unlikely each piece of customer feedback will be dealt with as effectively as it might have been if it had been received in real time.

Instead of introducing an annual survey, more and more businesses are choosing to regularly monitor customer feedback using our Customer Thermometer 1-click survey tool.

After each product or service is delivered, or on a monthly basis, you can send a Customer Thermometer survey to your customers (and in many cases people choose to send the Thermometer to more than one stakeholder within the customer business). The customer clicks one of four buttons to indicate their current satisfaction level, and can leave a comment (optional) to justify their rating.

Each click and comment is attributable to each specific individual and can be immediately followed up. Reports can be generated to highlight trends in data over time and by many variables such as account manager, production run, manufacturing site etc.

If you’re looking to run an ISO customer satisfaction survey, Customer Thermometer offers a survey which:

  • can be up and running in under 15 minutes
  • customers love responding to
  • can be answered from any device with email (PC, laptop, iPhone, Android, tablet etc)
  • gives you real time feedback at survey intervals that work for your business: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly – or timed to coincide with the most recent delivery of product or service
  • is controllable via a login on our website; no on-premises software or installation is required
  • is branded for your company, with no coding or developers required

Get started with our free account. No credit card is required, simply click here to get started in 15 seconds.


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