Customer Thermometer releases v1.8.1

With Customer Thermometer fast approaching its 3rd birthday, there’s a lot that has happened since we launched the service.

With the arrival of our Embeddded Thermometer service, which has been really well received, there was a shift change in the capability of the service and we’ve been spending some time catching up. One of the areas of the application which needed to be revised was our Thank you pages… the important part of the process where one of your customers clicks on a Temperature rating and is taken to a page to register the click.

Over the last couple of months we’ve had a number of requests for more flexibility on these pages. We’ve also been alerted to the fact the icons we display aren’t always relevant – as people start to use their own icons (in Embedded mode) and also use the service with voting buttons. If you click 1,2,3 or 4 in response to a question, clearly it doesn’t make sense to display a gold star or traffic light on the thank you page.

Today we’ve addressed these issues in the first phase of our thank you page revision.

What’s changed in v1.8.4?

You’ll now find an always relevant thank you message, the large gold, green, amber and red icons have disappeared, as have our icon strip at the bottom. There’s an all new, simpler design, which is fit for purpose, regardless of how you use the service.

Customer Thermometer thank you for clicking page

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In addition, to answer another customer request, if you are using Embedded Thermometers – you are now able to upload a landing page image – such as a promotional advert up to 840px wide. This is an alternative to uploading a simple small company logo and gives your business much more ownership of the page from a branding perspective.

(Note that Email Thermometer landing pages won’t be able to do this as yet – as the uploaded logo image needs to fit neatly on the top left of the Email Thermometer. Early next year, we will enable this for all.)

Want to try it out?

Click on one of our shiny Christmas icons below to tell us what you think to this change. You’ll see the new landing page after you’ve clicked.

Very happy customer satisfaction button Happy customer option Not bad satisfaction survey option Bad Opinion