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It’s fair to say we’re all really looking forward to the next 6 weeks. Behind the scenes, there’s been a lot of feedback gathering, thought and planning of what’s going to be happening over the coming weeks.

Whilst we’re great believers in keeping things simple (it’s what has helped us get to where we are today!) we also know that we need to keep moving, keep responding to customer feedback and keep growing as a business.

Every new feature we look to add, we make sure we justify and always ensure we’re not creating more complication or confusion. Every change to our application flow and layout is thought through carefully and tested before it’s rolled out… And every piece of customer feedback and request we get is valued. Inevitably, we can’t deliver on everyone’s requests… we do try though.

We wanted to let you know what’s coming up. Rest assured there will be new help videos and the website will be updated with new guidance when new features go live.

  • Integration with Salesforce.com – send Embedded Thermometers via Salesforce triggers
  • Integration with Autotask – send Embedded Thermometers via survey triggers
  • Gmail integration – add Embedded Thermometers to your Gmail signature
  • New Realtime reporting widgets – at a global and blast level – prefer to just display a %age happiness number? It’s coming right up.
  • Tighter integration with Zendesk – building on the success customers are already having – we’ll soon be able to write back results into your Zendesk account.
  • Change your Embedded Thermometer ‘lockout’ settings – you (rather than us) control how often someone is able to respond to a survey
  • Password reset functionality (long time coming, we know…!)
  • Amber light change of terminology. As a direct result of customer feedback (because of the emergency response broadcast in the US) we are changing all references to “Amber alert” and “Amber” to  “Yellow alert” and “Yellow”.
  • Upload your own icons! You’ve always been able to use your own icons for Embedded Thermometers… you soon will be able to for Email Thermometers.
  • Customise your landing pages – every element will now be customisable – with so many of our users looking for foreign languages and an increased brand presence, we’ve responded. Social media links will be available too…
  • Send disappointed and comment alerts to multiple email addresses (it’s been limited to one until now).
  • A revised settings screen is coming soon.
  • Reporting screens will be updated and will now refresh automatically every 5 minutes – perfect for those big screens on office walls (and yes, we know people use them!)
  • EMAIL REPORTS! Again – much requested – we’re still finalising the details – but you will be able to have reports emailed to you.
  • And finally… some great new icons will be added to the system too:


So we know your next question…


Everything will be delivered by the end of March…

We will keep the communication coming over the next few weeks and hope you enjoy the new features.

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