We’ve teamed up with MailChimp to allow you to embed Customer Thermometer and Net Promoter surveys directly into your MailChimp newsletter and email communications.

MailChimp Surveys from Customer Thermometer allows you to embed feedback buttons including smileys, emoticons, seasonal icons and many more to let your customers rate the communication from you or the quality of the service they received. What’s more, Customer Thermometer will tell you who clicked what, and give you an overall satisfaction rating. We even calculate Net Promoter Score automatically in our reporting.

We have a library of over 40 icon sets to choose from, or you can create and use your own. Once a recipient clicks a feedback button, they are taken to a landing page you can customise, where they can leave a comment on their vote.

Example Mailchimp survey using Customer Thermometer

Example Mailchimp survey using Customer Thermometer

Embedding a survey within emails from MailChimp cuts down the amount of emails your recipients receive. You can now inform them of a special offer, new product, or update them on your news, whilst also checking how they are feeling about your service.

Why not give MailChimp surveys from Customer Thermometer a spin today? There’s a free trial account available from this page. Full integration instructions and a short demo video on how to embed our surveys are available here.