Examples of new features for customer feedback

Following multiple requests, we are delighted to launch our Net Promoter Score survey feature today.

Whether you want to send a one-off Net Promoter® Score survey via email, or you want to get a real-time sense of your NPS® by embedding feedback buttons in your own emails – from today Customer Thermometer can automatically calculate the Net Promoter® Score for any ongoing Embedded blast or set of Email surveys.

Net Promoter Score survey email

Net Promoter score survey embedded buttons

Net Promoter Score survey iphone

Net Promoter Score survey reporting

For each of your NPS® enabled blasts, you will see a graphic like the one below in  your reporting section, showing you what your NPS® is for that blast.

Net Promoter Score survey reporting graphics

Best of all, because Customer Thermometer surveys and reports update in real-time, you can calculate your NPS® in real-time, and react in real-time to any unhappy customers. You can even choose to be alerted to detractors via email or iOS/Android alert the instant they click their survey.

Don’t forget, we have a library of 40 icons and emoticons for you to choose from, or you can create and upload your own to use. Completely branded-to-you, 1-click NPS® email surveys have never been easier. Traditionally these surveys are carried out by phone. This is a much more cost-effective and less intrusive approach.  

If you’re looking for the ultimate tool to close the loop on Net Promoter®, then this new Customer Thermometer feature is for you.

It takes literally seconds to build and send an NPS® survey. If you already have a Customer Thermometer account (jumper or above), you can enable NPS® scoring on your existing Thermometers simply by heading into the “Settings” area and enabling the feature from the new NPS® bar in the menu.

You can read more detail about how to activate and use this Net Promoter Score survey feature here. Or send yourself an NPS survey by entering your email address on the right

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