Customer Thermometer new features

New survey features

Next month will be the 5th anniversary of Customer Thermometer’s conception. Like so many services, it started as a slide deck and a dream.

5 years on, it has become an application that thousands of people rely on, to ensure they always know how their customers are feeling.

To celebrate this milestone, in June, we’re going to be launching lots of new features you’ve been asking for which we’re calling Customer Thermometer 2.0.

We will confirm the exact release date closer to the time, however in the meantime, take a look below at what’s coming:

A new dashboard

A revised dashboard, we’re calling mission control. If you’ve been a customer for a long time, we know that a dashboard showing all results eventually becomes less meaningful. Your new dashboard will contain new metrics and allow you to choose the period you view that data over.

That new mission control dashboard will also show you how things have changed, compared to the last period. You’ll be able to get an immediate snapshot of how your teams are improving or dropping off and make decisions accordingly.

You will be able to see where your latest clicks have come from using our new map feature.

An enhanced reporting area

Your reporting area is being enhanced.

We are bringing in a completely new graphing system, allowing for more interactivity and style.

We are creating a new ‘Targets’ tab for you to see how you’re doing against company targets.

We are building a Report Maker feature where you will be able to compare Thermometers… for example you may want to compare your French helpdesk Thermometer with your German helpdesk Thermometer for the last quarter or for a specific month. All of that will soon be possible.

League Tables will be enhanced. At present you can only generate a League Table based on a specific Thermometer. Soon, you’ll be able to see League Tables across multiple Thermometers.

For customers with large amounts of data

We are making changes to how Blasts are sent – customers which send Blasts of many hundreds or thousands will notice much speedier system responses.

Large CSV uploads of contact data will be processed faster, with less waiting time for our customers with bigger data requirements.

We are going to be adding more custom fields … our customers interested in more data will no longer be constrained by 3.

Long lists of reporting data will soon be loading much faster within your account.

Responsive emails and landing pages

With such a high proportion of Thermometers being answered on mobile devices, your Email Thermometers and landing pages will soon become responsive… making it even easier for customers to respond on mobile devices. (arriving in July 2015)


We are working as hard as we can behind the scenes to ensure we deliver all of this new functionality during June 2015 – so there’s not long to wait. In the meantime, we’d like to thank all of our customers who’ve taken the time and trouble to talk to us about their wishes and needs – we hope there’s something in this new 2.0 release for everyone.