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The next few months will see some big new features and so we wanted to share a glimpse of them with you before they’re launched.

Here’s a list of what’s coming down the line for Customer Thermometer in the first half of 2016:

Comment analysis – March-April 2016

Update: this is now live – read more here. Customer Thermometer’s verbatim comment to click percentage is high and we know our customers get a huge amount of value from these verbatims.

So, to make it even easier to extract the usefulness and value from these customer comments, we are introducing the first of a sequence of features that will allow customers to interrogate comments in much greater detail.

comment cloud survey

Our new reporting tab will display comments received in a timeframe you set, show the recipient and temperature breakdown, the comments themselves and a word cloud which highlights the most frequently-commented key words.

There will also be the ability for users to check off when each comment has been actioned.

For our larger, and enterprise, customers, this is especially powerful as it will allow you to search for comments for key phrases in any time frame or by any Blast you wish.

Later in the year, we will be investigating sentiment analysis as a second phase. These new features will be free to all customers on any plan.

All new Blast breakdown reporting – coming March-April 2016 

We are also releasing an all-new reporting screen for each of your individual Blasts. Once released, you’ll see a screen which looks similar to this:



This brings the Blast breakdown reporting in line with the main Mission Control dashboard, and brings its power to individual Blast reports. So you’ll be able to see the timeline for the responses in that Blast, a geographic map of the responses associated with it, response type bar chart and more.

This will all be available with standard and custom date ranges.

Email Blasts (as opposed to Embedded Blasts) will also provide details on open rates, pending sends, bounces etc in more detail. These new features will be free to all customers on any plan.

Agent views – May 2016

Our customers tell us that one of the most transformative features in Customer Thermometer is the ability for staff/agents to see the feedback customers have left about them. Staff seeing their own feedback get consistently higher customer engagement scores than those who don’t.

So, in response to demand, we have been working on the development of individual agent dashboard views, to allow agents to see their personal feedback from the customers they serve.

This feature will provide relevant reporting data to agents without allowing them access to the central Customer Thermometer account and/or other reporting data.  Agents will be able to access their data within a specific Blast’s dashboard.

The account administrator will be able to give and revoke access for individual agents via the CT settings area.

Agents can have access with or without the responses tab – meaning that where required, administrators can prevent agents seeing individual customer information. Instead, agents will only see ratings and recent comments of the responses relevant to them.

We’ll be making this feature available as a free service to our customers on Flyer plans and above.

All new landing pages – June 2016

Landing pages will be getting an overhaul. We will allow individual response pages to be tailored, so that Red response pages could have a different advert / message and social media options to Gold pages.

Social media icons will become more flexible. At present, there are 3 ‘slots’ for social media links on landing pages. We’re extending this number and will allow you complete flexibility over these options. We understand that for our corporate customers, LinkedIn and Twitter might be useful, whereas for our smaller service-business customers, Yelp and Facebook are more relevant. Niche-specific options will also be available to you.

In addition, you’ll be able to choose which social buttons appear, based on the response provided. So, for example if you run a hotel, you could choose to have a Tripadvisor button/link showing when that customer hits a green or gold button.

We are also developing the option for Landing page ‘redirects’. Here, you’ll be able to capture the customer’s response from a Customer Thermometer email as normal, and then have the option of redirecting that person to another page, perhaps hosted by your business, based on their response. A gold click could therefore be taken directly to a review site page and a red click to a  corporate troubleshooting / support page for logging further details within a helpdesk. These new features will be free to all customers on any plan.

Keep it coming…

As always, your feedback and commentary on the above is extremely welcome. Please drop us a line using the area below to let us know what you think.

We’re working hard to bring the above to you and will publish new posts with specific release dates when we have them.