Examples of new features for customer feedback

As you may have seen, last week we announced a whole suite of new integrations and functionality which is being released during March.

Last night, we put the first of those releases live. Whilst there are a few minor tweaks to the system, we wanted to properly announce our new widgets!

A real time widget gives you the opportunity to show your customers / employees / friends / the world at large how you’re doing… it shows you are transparent and that you’ve nothing to hide.

There are now 4 different flavours, which you can find out all about on our main help page here.


If you’re a long time user of the system – you used to find a single widget in the settings screen. You’ll now find them in the reporting area on their very own tab.

The other great thing to note is that you can now publish results per blast – ie perhaps just for you account management teams… OR you can publish results account-wide.

Don’t forget too – you can also display these widgets on your Facebook page.

Do note if the widget screen looks a little strange when you first log in, you may need to SHIFT-F5 to refresh your cache.

We’d love to hear from you if you do publish your results publicly – drop us a line in the comments below.