How to get customer feedback

How to get customer feedback

It seems we’re being asked to quote by the big guns now which is always nice when you’re young and upstart-ish.

Smart Company is an Alexa ranked #16,000 site – meaning it’s very well read! and they featured an article on “How to get customer feedback” this week.

Handling customer complaints

Businesses should be motivated by the fact that customers can actually become more loyal after a bad customer experience, so long as you try to recover the situation.

“Everyone makes mistakes, and the best way to respond to complaints is to listen very carefully to customer issues and act upon them immediately. A bunch of flowers, a card, even a simple apology where service has failed to hit the mark can have a huge impact,” Mark Copeman, co-founder of service organisation Customer Thermometer says.

Copeman says that 80% of companies believe they deliver a superior customer experience, but only 8% of their customers agree.

While some businesses try and blame the customer or their own staff for the problem, this isn’t wise, Copeman says.

“What matters is the customer’s perception of the issue, not who is actually at fault. Make sure that you fix the process that’s broken rather than leaping to conclusions about staff or customers.”

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