Customer Thermometer releases v1.8.1

Last night, we were delighted to release v1.8.2 – the latest addition to our fast growing (and seriously popular) Embedded Thermometer feature.

About 6 weeks ago, we had a number of simultaneous requests for using Customer Thermometer surveys as part of Outlook signatures. As ever, we find it hard to ignore customer demand and so have released this as a feature today. We also believe we’re the first web application to offer Outlook signature surveys to the marketplace. So a big thank you to all those of you who’ve driven us down this path.

Customer Thermometer works in two modes –  we send – where you upload your contact data and we send your survey emails for you and –  you send –  where we allow you to generate a unique Embedded Thermometer survey and provide you with a short snippet of code to paste into your 3rd party sending application – which could be a CRM or helpdesk system.

With our Outlook signature Embedded Thermometer – we generate a set of icons for you to download and insert into your Outlook signature, followed by four unique hyperlinks for you to attach to those four icons, in addition to your normal signature information:

Outlook signature email survey


Once you’ve generated your signature – it will look a little like the one shown below:



  • Create your own question, in your own tone of voice/style and your own language or character set
  • Customise your rating buttons, or even create and use your own. The second your customer clicks a button, that vote is registered.
  • Choose from 2, 3 or 4 buttons for your customers to respond to. So it’s not just “good or bad”
  • Customise the landing page that thanks them for their rating with your own logo and copy, and ask for additional comments (optional)
  • Be alerted to “red” and “amber” ratings via email and/or iPhone/Android alert
  • View a list of all comments associated with the satisfaction ratings your customers have made for export, to share with colleagues
  • Measure progress and trends across departments
  • Create unique email signatures for each employee or at a department level
  • Embedded Thermometers are only debited from your account allowance on a click – not a send.

Please note – unlike all other uses of Customer Thermometer – feedback clicks and comments are anonymous. They aren’t able to be linked to a respondent’s email address. This is a physical limitation of Outlook. Clicks can however be associated with employee /senders’ email addresses.

How to get started

If you are a Customer Thermometer account holder (Jumper account or above) and use Outlook (Office 2000 and above) for personal or business use, then you now have everything you need to add 1-click surveys to your signature or footer.

Take a look at our Outlook signature email survey feature page.

Visit our quick setup guide page for the explainer videos.

More integrations will be coming soon – you can keep uptodate with them by visiting our new Apps, integrations & API page.