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We believe that companies tend to get comfortable doing the same thing as each other. Replicating what other firms are doing, and making only tiny changes to their survey approach in the face of extreme customer apathy are examples of that. But the survey industry is undergoing dramatic changes, and companies are now desperate to find new ways to get feedback in an environment where survey engagement is so low.

In order to spread our message about a fresher, more relevant way of doing surveys, we undertake regular press activity and contribute to the customer feedback debate. Here’s where to find all the latest Customer Thermometer news, press articles and mentions. From articles about us in the International Business Times, the Telegraph and MyCustomer, through to coverage in GetApp and AppStorm, you’ll find all things Customer Thermometer news related in this section of the blog.

Examples of new features for customer feedback

Sirportly 1-click feedback buttons from Customer Thermometer

Siportly supports customer feedback forms from Customer Thermometer It's always nice to be contacted by other SaaS providers to ask about the possibilities of integration - because of customer requests.Well, that's just what the team at…
Examples of new features for customer feedback

Customer Thermometer releases v1.98

Earlier today, after many weeks of thinking and coding and testing and coding and thinking, we were delighted to release a whole raft of great new functionality to the application. Whether you’re testing the service or are already a customer,…
salesforce desk satisfaction survey

Customer Thermometer Joins the Salesforce Desk App Hub to Help Fast-Growing SMBs Leverage Customer Service to Accelerate Growth

Customer Thermometer Salesforce Desk satisfaction survey now available. Customer Thermometer empowers customers to completely customize their customer experience ratingsThe new App Hub is a one-stop shop for SMBs to easily access…
Examples of new features for customer feedback

Welcome to our new NPS® icon sets

We've had lots of comments and questions recently about using Customer Thermometer to measure Net Promoter® Score.Whilst we've been able to do this for a few months, we hadn't ever released any specific icons. Until today.If you log…
Customer Thermometer on Independent Business Times

Customer Thermometer gets global press coverage

We had a real snowball of international press coverage this month. We're delighted to have been recognised by veritable giants of the publishing world - titles such as The Telegraph, The International Business Times and the Independent. The…

It's always good to get a Nice Reply

It’s tough keeping up with the competition let alone all your colleagues and customers.As a business you are always trying to be better, faster and more proactive than reactive.Customer Thermometer email feedback helps you keep in…
Customer Thermometer releases v1.8.1

Customer Thermometer releases v1.95

In the early hours of Monday 18th August, after many weeks of thinking and coding and testing and coding and thinking, we were delighted to release a whole raft of great new functionality to the application. Whether you're testing the service…
Aweber Survey Integration Customer Thermometer

Want to send AWeber surveys?

AWeber surveys are now possible with Customer Thermometer! We're so pleased to have teamed up with email marketing provider AWeber to send AWeber surveys to your customers or marketing list.By embedding Customer Thermometer's emoticons and…
iPad with Customer Feedback Option

Customer Thermometer launches tablet surveys

Most people are familiar now with seeing in-store feedback requests on till receipts... "Go to this URL, we'll enter you into a prize draw etc... and it'll only take 5 minutes."If you're anything like the team here at Customer Thermometer,…
Examples of new features for customer feedback

MailChimp surveys

We've teamed up with MailChimp to allow you to embed Customer Thermometer and Net Promoter surveys directly into your MailChimp newsletter and email communications.MailChimp Surveys from Customer Thermometer allows you to embed feedback…
Examples of new features for customer feedback

Net Promoter Score survey

Following multiple requests, we are delighted to launch our Net Promoter Score survey feature today.Whether you want to send a one-off Net Promoter® Score survey via email, or you want to get a real-time sense of your NPS® by embedding…
Examples of new features for customer feedback

Friday 9th May - an explanation of events

With growth, sometimes comes pain and on Friday 9th May, we realise that Customer Thermometer didn’t live up to our normal high standards.Due to an unprecedented demand on the application on Friday, our customers (not their feedback recipients)…