As part of our continuing set of updates, we’re now proud to announce that you are now able to use Customer Thermometer to generate Salesforce customer satisfaction surveys.

For a couple of years now, we’ve had customers using the service with – and using our API to trigger Email Thermometers to customers at certain parts in their workflow. That process had typically involved developers and indepth knowledge of

What changed?

Earlier in 2014, Salesforce made a fundamental change to its ‘out of the box’ application and allowed users to create templated HTML emails. Previous to this, only Text based emails were allowed, and whilst there were workarounds to creating signature files, it wasn’t straight forward.

With this new functionality in place, we’ve created our next Embedded Thermometer integration, which makes triggering one-click surveys an absolute breeze… and is something which can be set up in minutes to give you great feedback, attributable to real people .

Salesforce customer satisfaction survey

Salesforce customer satisfaction survey


How users choose to trigger those surveys could be done as part of any workflow…

How might you use it?

  • Survey customers when a support ticket is closed
  • Survey a new prospect to find out what they thought to an initial sales meeting
  • Ask customers regularly how their account team is performing for them
  • Find out what a partner thought to a seminar
  • The list is endless…

How do I get started?

Take a look at our dedicated Salesforce customer satisfaction survey page to get started. As ever, any problems, don’t hesitate to ask!