Kaseya Connect

We’re delighted to announce Customer Thermometer will be exhibiting at Kaseya Connect 2017.

Taking place between May 9-11, the Kaseya Connect event features a keynote from Kaseya’s CEO Fred Voccola, and brings together many leaders in the IT and MSP industry at the beautiful Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Come and visit our booth and meet our co-founder Mark Copeman, and see what will be, our brand new Kaseya BMS two-way integration.

1-click feedback from your Kaseya VSA and BMS tickets

Customer Thermometer is delighted to be partnering with Kaseya to provide its customers with the ability to ask for feedback during a ticket and/or on ticket closure. This will work in both Kaseya VSA, BMS and Vorex versions of the service.

This is integration is available today. You can see more detail and simple step-by-step instructions on getting Kaseya+Customer Thermometer working together here.

Brand new

We now have the ability to push those responses from your Customer Thermometer account, directly against the ticket within Kaseya BMS. This means a single view of ticket information and feedback and comments.

With that rating stored within your Kaseya account, it also means you will be able to trigger workflows off the back of a rating. For example, if the ticket receives a negative ticket, you will be able to re-open that ticket and assign it.

There’s a world of possibilities.

We’ll be excited to demonstrate this new capability at Kaseya Connect in May. In the meantime, if you’d like to know more, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Bonus Caesar’s Palace info – get lucky!

If you’re planning to take to the tables whilst you’re there, did you know there are 4 “lucky” spots to rub at Caesar’s Palace?

  • The glove on heavyweight boxing champion Joe Louis’ statue near Mesa Grill
  • The Statue of David’s big toe
  • The finger on the Caesar statue at main entrance
  • and Cleopatra’s statue on Cleopatra’s barge

We hope one of them brings you luck!

You can register for Kaseya Connect 2017 here.

Vegas postcard