We are thrilled to announce our wonderful Slack integration today.

Connecting Customer Thermometer and Slack couldn’t be easier.

It’s simply a matter of clicking the button to connect the two, and then choosing which thermometers you’d like feedback sent into Slack from.


Feedback is then instantly Slacked into the channel of your choice, as always, in real time. The Slack messages look like this and are color-coded for instant recognition:

Slack customer survey feedback

The rating and the comment are posted through, as well as additional information pulled through on who has left the rating; their name and their email address. You can choose whether you’re alerted to all ratings, or just certain colors.

You can find the Slack customer survey control area by logging into your Customer Thermometer account and clicking the “Slack” link at the top right hand side.

Complete instructions can be found on our user guide here.

Don’t have a Customer Thermometer account yet? Want Slack customer survey results sent directly into your Slack channels?

No problem, get one here: