Testing on May 4th

Unless you’re involved behind the scenes of a software business, you’ll never know how much effort goes into testing an application, particularly when a new release is around the corner.

We have to consider all kinds of use cases, combinations and permuations, existing user settings, user experience and application performance. Testing is an essential, difficult and mundane activity, but possibly one of our most valuable.

We need to use real words, images and concepts when testing too – we often try to break the app by doing all kinds of things with it that a user might unintentionally do too.

We’ve got spreadsheets, check lists, favorite areas to investigate and sometimes even win prizes for spotting unlikely combinations which uncover a bug.

Today is Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you). To make testing our v2.08 which is just around the corner, a little more fun, there’s no prizes for guessing the theme of today’s testing work. We thought it might be worth sharing some of the Landing page images we’ve been customizing today to demonstrate our new features…

These are both Landing pages from the SAME THERMOMETER and there’s NO Photoshop involved!

Gold star landing page:

Gold landing page

Red light Landing page:

Red light landing page

Enable comments by rating page

In all seriousness, this is a sneak preview of a very cool feature enhancement which is going to benefit most of our customers and new ones too… the ability to customize Landing pages – on a per rating basis.
Enable comments by ratings page

Social media and advert image flexibility

You will soon be able to have complete flexibility over your social media icons and advert pages…

As an example, this means Realtors could ask customers who respond with a Gold or Green to their initial survey to leave a review on Zillow or Trulia. You can include the icons with direct links… AND create an advert banner which encourages recipients to do that… potentially even offering an incentive if they did… something to test out at least.

Of course – if you had a red response… you would more likely remove the social icons and advert and encourge a comment to be left to find out more.

It’s a big change and one we’re really excited about…
Social media flexibility

There’s plenty more included in our new release – so watch this space…