Tigerpaw Customer Thermometer integration

IT and technology professional services providers that use Tigerpaw One now have a readymade integration with Customer Thermometer.

With Customer Thermometer integration, Tigerpaw users can easily embed feedback buttons to their ticket notifications and start collecting rich, actionable customer feedback.

Tigerpaw the latest in a long list of PSA integrations

Tigerpaw is the choice of 40,000 technology service providers including MSPs, VARs, UC providers and many more. These kinds of organizations, and the people who drive them, increasingly rely upon real-time feedback to control quality and inform decision making.

We’ve been integrating with the leading PSAs since the beginning, so Tigerpaw is in roar-some company (sorry; had to be done). We integrate out of the box with many leading ticketing systems, help desk software, CRMs, ERPs and marketing platforms – more than any other feedback provider.

For those we don’t, integration is still possible using webhooks or by following simple steps when setting up HTML email and landing page templates. We also publish APIs.

MSPs succeed with customer feedback insights

The most common managed service provider (MSP) use case for 1-click feedback surveys is to garner responses off the back of completed support tickets. Best practice is to respond to positive feedback with gratitude and offers of deeper engagement, and to escalate negative feedback to an appropriate remedy as soon as possible.

Thanks to integration with Tigerpaw and others, these processes are incredibly simple to engineer with Customer Thermometer. Managers can also view trending feedback data for quality control purposes, identify underlying response drivers, and even pinpoint the additional training needs of agents.

Going beyond tickets to maximize customer lifetime value

Many MSPs are building on the foundations of their ticket-based customer feedback processes to gain value for wider business goals.

For example, Hivelocity uses CT to not only identify and prevent potential customer churn but also to performance-manage staff and generate content for sales and marketing.

In fact, customer feedback is used by MSPs to increase value at every stage of the customer lifecycle. From attracting customers and optimizing sales, to ensuring a slick onboarding process, feeding improvements back into product development – and much more besides.

These are all detailed in our comprehensive playbook for MSP Customer Success.

Boosting QBR metrics and employee engagement

With Customer Thermometer integration in place, Tigerpaw users can access a goldmine of feedback metrics. These allow them to demonstrate huge value to customers at monthly/quarterly reviews. Our industry-leading survey response rates mean no more walking into customer meetings and being surprised by feedback you weren’t expecting!

Another critical opportunity is to use customer feedback to incentivize, motivate and even upskill agents. For example, by routing feedback data into leaderboards and issuing awards for milestones. Such measures help staff steadily improve their performance on NPS and other measures. Any persistent issues with individual drivers or staff members can feed into personal development plans or product improvements.

The truth is that MSPs have plenty of virtual touchpoints with their customers. And using a simple, unobtrusive way of gathering feedback wherever feasible is a must.

Check our full list of platform integrations here, and download the MSP Playbook for further reading here.

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