For the last 3 months we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to build a brand new billing system, to make our customers’ lives simpler.

The system will go live during Sunday 8th March and new customers will immediately be able to take advantage of the simple new checkout and self-service invoicing.

Existing customers will be automatically cut over to the new system during the following 30 days.

Here are the key points to note.

Existing customers don’t need to do anything. We have taken care of all of the details and via an industry standard secure transaction have moved all payment details over from Worldpay to our new payment provider, Stripe. 

The monthly subscription price you are paying will not change.

The timing of each account move will ensure your previous month’s subscription will still be 30 days. 

All charges  will be shown in US$

In short, we will take care of everything for you.

Customer Thermometer's new billing system

Why have we made this change?

Our old billing system was not able to support our requirements to fulfil numerous customer requests for better in-app account management. When your account cuts over – you’ll notice the following new features inside your “Account” area:

Update your credit card details easily and securely from inside your Customer Thermometer account. 

View and print invoices from within your Customer Thermometer account.

Move plans with just one click.

No more FuturePay notifications or multiple emails.

To our Customers in the EU

From Sunday 8th March, Customer Thermometer LLP will be VAT registered and to comply with the new EU VAT rules, we are legally obliged to apply VAT to our invoices at the prevailing rate of the country of the purchaser.

For all EU-based users (except those in the UK): If you supply your VAT number at the time of purchase, via the “Update Details” screen (we will automatically add it where we have it) no VAT will be applied to each monthly invoice. If no VAT number is supplied – VAT will automatically be added.

For all UK users  – regardless of your VAT status, we will apply VAT to your invoice.

Whilst we bill in US$, the VAT amount will be shown on each invoice, in your local currency.

If you are outside of the EU, no VAT will ever be applied.

And finally

To reiterate – there’s nothing you need to do for this changeover to happen. We’ve worked hard behind the scenes to ensure this is a seamless transition. As ever, if you have any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch.