As usual, CT towers has been abuzz with activity. Coming in October to Customer Thermometer are the following features and integrations:

Gold and green email alerts

You asked, we built!

Next week, you’ll be able to choose the combination of alerts that suit you. No longer will you be alerted to just reds and yellows, but you can also choose golds and greens, or any combination of them.

This combined with our custom fields, means you have real power to route customer alerts based on their satisfaction, as well as building workflows or triggers using tools like Zapier and IFTTT. We’ll be posting up some cool demos of what’s now possible (including flashing your office lights when you get a red feedback!)

Splash integration

We’re building an integration with event and party planning and marketing site, Splash. This is in direct response to customer requests – one of our customers is a very large social media network and asked us to create this for them. The combination of the two apps works a charm and is coming in October.

ServiceNow integration

A behemoth of the Service and Helpdesk spaces, we’ve again responded to customer request here and have created a ServiceNow integration.

GetResponse integration

Email marketing tool GetResponse is also being integrated with Customer Thermometer. You’ll be able to embed our feedback buttons and surveys into your GetResponse email campaigns, newsletters and communications.

NetHelpDesk integration

If you use NetHelpDesk to manage your customer support, you’ll be able to get one click satisfaction feedback with your tickets using Customer Thermometer.

And there’s more

Watch this space for more feature releases coming soon…