original alert templates

Why listening to feedback is so important to us

As part of our latest round of Customer Thermometer updates we updated our email alert templates with a brand new look. These were designed to be more attractive to the eye and responsive for smartphones. We did this with the best of intentions, genuinely wanting to keep our alerts fresh and interesting.

We were surprised therefore to receive a number of emails and comments from customers who really didn’t like them.

Customer Thermometer feedback email examples

The new and the old

You can see above, the existing template on the right hand side, and the updated one on the left. When we listened to how our customers were using the templates, we realized that in focusing on the visual design of the templates, we’d lost their usability. It wasn’t as easy to see, at-a-glance who had said what and when; something that’s really important to customers who rely on the real-time nature of the alerts, to make crucial customer decisions every day.

In addition, we hadn’t realized how widespread the practice was of printing email alerts actually is. Whilst the new templates looked great, they weren’t as easy to copy and paste, and when printed hard copies weren’t as simple, clean and approachable as our existing ones.

Earlier on today, we took the decision to respond to the feedback given and at midday (UTC) today, we’ve reverted to the original email templates.

The other features we released in June as part of our 2.0 release have been wildly popular, including the new mission control dashboard, the targets-setting area and comparison ribbon reports, however, we have to acknowledge, we got this one wrong.

We are grateful to all the customers who took the trouble to tell us that they didn’t like the new alert templates and we’re hugely appreciative of your feedback.