Whilst Zendesk has its own satisfaction rating feature, we know it doesn’t answer every Zendesk user’s needs.

Today we are delighted to announce Customer Thermometer is now available  as a Zendesk satisfaction ratings alternative app for your Zendesk tickets.

Here are our top 10 reasons to start using the power of Customer Thermometer satisfaction ratings in the footer of your Zendesk tickets:

  • You can choose your own question, in your own tone of voice/style and your own language or character set
  • You can change the buttons you use, or even use your own. The second your customer clicks a button, that vote is registered.
  • You can trigger the rating buttons to appear at any point in the ticket process.
  • Coach your agents during the ticket process in real time, as opposed to at the end of the process, when it’s generally too late.
  • You can choose from 2, 3 or 4 buttons for your customers to respond to. So it’s not just “good or bad”
  • You can customise the page that thanks them for their vote with your own logo and copy, and ask for additional comments if you want
  • You (or your agents) can be alerted in real time to “red” and “amber” ratings or comments left, via email and/or iPhone/Android alert
  • You can export a list of all comments associated with the satisfaction ratings your customers have made for export, to share with colleagues in the business
  • If you have a Zendesk starter package, you don’t get to use the native Zendesk satisfaction ratings – Customer Thermometer allows you to add this function to any Zendesk account level
  • Unlimited agents for a single licence – just $44/£29 per month for 200 responses (we don’t charge to send Embedded Thermometers – just for responses).

Here’s what it looks like, and it gets great response rates!

zendesk customer satisfaction email

Try it yourself now for free.

Click here for a full tour of the features and a free account to get you started.

You can also read more in the Zendesk AppStore.