Zendesk survey integration

We’re pleased to announce a Zendesk survey integration from Customer Thermometer.

The helpdesk manager of a very large company, currently using Zendesk to manage tickets, contacted us a few months back. He wanted to add the power of the Customer Thermometer application to his helpdesk process.

He wanted the two applications tightly integrated; specifically so that at the bottom of each of the “ticket response” emails they send to their customers – he could add in Customer Thermometer customisable icons and use our landing pages and comment capture. Whilst Zendesk offers native customer satisfaction ratings, our customer wanted to be able to have more options than a “good” or “bad” response. In addition, our customer wanted to be able to embed rating buttons at the bottom of his Zendesk tickets, rather than sending a separate email out after tickets were solved. Our customer felt in his particular instance, this generated unnecessary outbound email from his agents because they have customers who may have raised more than one ticket at once.

We are big fans of the Zendesk software and so we were delighted to be invited to create this integration… now it’s built and tested, we’re really excited about the possibilities for Zendesk users and indeed other applications in the future.

We’re calling this new development Embedded Thermometers – as Thermometers are literally embedded within outbound emails from the Zendesk application. They will exist alongside the Email Thermometers our customers have come to love. Once a user clicks or taps an icon within an Embedded Thermometer, the full functionality of the Customer Thermometer app comes into play, allowing helpdesk managers to customise the icon set, personalise landing page messages, get alerted to unhappy customers via email, iPhone alerts and much more.

UPDATE: Embedded Thermometers are available now. More information is available from www.customerthermometer.com/zendesk/

Here’s what the our Embedded Thermometers look like within a Zendesk ticket… click the image to go full screen.


Grab your free account now, and give it a whirl…