1-click online delivery surveys that customers love

Like many, you’re probably seeing a dramatic increase in online orders right now. We’ve got your back. Whether you’re looking to get feedback on support tickets, your home delivery drivers, or simply hear more often from your customers, do it in style with a simple, engaging and actionable solution.

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Friction-free email surveys

No more boring “click this link”. We could all do with taking a bit of time to check in on others – your customers can respond directly from the email you send them, maximizing response and feedback.

Reduce customer effort

4 engaging ways to get feedback, rolled up in any way you like. If you’re capturing new customers right now, we can help you keep them. Weave into any emails you send to customers.

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Survey Wizard

So simple to build

Our 1-click email survey builder is simple, powerful and fun. Create a survey in seconds.

Customize icons and library

You get a lot more feedback if the survey is personalized to your brand and team.

No commitment, no long-term contract

Money back guarantee A complete 30 day money-back guarantee.
Pay only for what you use; no per-agent pricing.
Upgrade, downgrade or cancel your account at any time.
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Get your data into the hands of people who can act right away

If something’s not right, you want to act. We’ve got real time email alerts, plus integrations with Slack, dashboarding tools, webhooks, API…

Out of the box reports

No need to build reports, they are ready and waiting for you from the first click. It all just works.

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Leaderboards as standard

See who, or what, is performing best in your business. Look at satisfaction data by agent, product, territory and more.

The widest range of integrations

Want to get feedback from emails you send from Salesforce, Zendesk, ConnectWise, ServiceNow, Outlook, and dozens of others? We’ve got you covered. Plus, our HTML method means you can embed surveys into thousands of other apps too. Look at satisfaction data by agent, product, territory and more.

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A simple, customer-friendly way to measure NPS alongside your tickets, emails and transactions.

Access options

We’ve got multi-user options, both full-access and read only, for maximum flexibility.

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Individual and team views

Get beautiful mini reports and widgets, so each team member, or team lead, can see how they’re doing.

Ministry of Magic

Magical support as standard

We’re in the customer service game and we take ours very seriously indeed. Our Ministry of Magic support team is passionate about helping you take your customer feedback to the next level.


Enterprise-class security

We know you want peace of mind on data security, GDPR and we’ve got it. Simple and flexible for small business with the security and compliance you need at scale.

The best way to get actionable feedback from across your business

Customer Thermometer can measure and alert you to feedback across all aspects of your business, from employee engagement to customer success, service and helpdesk to customer experience.

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