Customer Thermometer application tour

If you’ve just signed up or are looking to evaluate us, the demo below is a great place to start…


If you’d like to skip to a specific piece of detail – use the timings below.

00:22 Logging in & concurrent logins

00:42 Dashboard overview

01:41 3 Modes of operation

01:45 Email Thermometer description

02:07 Embedded Thermometer description

02:53 Outlook / Gmail signature Thermometer description

03:12 Landing pages description

03:40 Setting up Thermometers – an overview

04:20 Process of sending a Blast (Email Thermometers only)

04:37 Reporting overview

04:57 Blast breakdown screen tour

05:45 Account-wide reporting options

06:15 Options for subscription plans and how to convert from trial account

06:57 Explanation of “Auto upgrade” 

07:26 Explanation of credits

07:51 Accumulated credits? How to downgrade.

08:16 Viewing monthly invoices

08:31 Cancelling your account

08:46 Account settings overview

09:34 Comment widget moderation

10:28 Custom icon sets & Email Thermometer footers

11:16 iOS/Android notifications

11:41 Net Promoter Score

12:07 API details

12:37 Custom Field labels for email alerts

13:18 Unsubscribe details (Email Thermometers only)

13:43 Custom social icons for Landing pages