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Customer experience and customer satisfaction

Customer Thermometer is used by companies to keep a finger on the pulse of customer satisfaction, without bombarding customers with feedback forms or web surveys.

Research shows the harder a survey is to complete, the more self-selecting the audience becomes. Typically the more unhappy customers will be motivated enough to complete it, but the satisfied or happy ones won’t bother. This means you get a negatively-skewed view of how you’re doing. We change all that.

Helpdesk Management

Heads of Customer Support running helpdesks using Zendesk, Desk.com, HappyFox, LiveAgent, ConnectWise, Kayako and many more are using the power of Customer Thermometer, embedded in their support emails. By simply embedding the CT icons in their support threads, help desk managers can benefit from the full power of the Customer Thermometer system, including fully trackable feedback, publishable results and comments, and instantaneous email unhappy customer alerts.

Net Promoter Score and CSAT Measurement

Until recently, NPS has generally been measured by telephone and face-to-face interviews. Whilst it’s a great benchmark, the telephone methodology means it is often slow and expensive to carry out, and the results take months to be compiled and reported back. We can send our one-click email NPS survey that is fully completed and reported back in under 24 hours on a global scale, for a fraction of the cost. You can even measure NPS on a per-agent or per-customer basis using our service.

Customer monitoring

Businesses send Customer Thermometer regularly to customers with whom they have an ongoing revenue stream, to monitor that relationship’s health. You can send it to multiple stakeholders within an organization to ensure everyone is happy with you, not just the people that you speak to regularly.

Internal customer satisfaction monitoring

If you need to monitor how your team or department is delivering to another, especially if you want a regularly-reportable KPI then Customer Thermometer is perfect for you. Measure your internal customers’ satisfaction quickly and painlessly and have reports and month-by-month benchmarks available immediately.

Partner relationship monitoring

Customer Thermometer can be used to monitor the opinion of key partners or affiliates. Again, as it’s a regular, long-term relationship, our service can be used to take a regular temperature of any partner relationship.

Event follow up

It is notoriously difficult to get conference and event delegates to fill in feedback forms, either at the event or online afterwards. Sending a Customer Thermometer instead allows you to get a rapid view of satisfaction with the event, and follow up with specific people who either loved it, or had an issue. We also provide a tablet option, which can be mounted on stands at exit points.

Employee experience/sats

Busy employees often don’t have the time or inclination to fill in detailed satisfaction forms or surveys. By sending a monthly or quarterly Customer Thermometer employee satisfaction survey, talent leaders can spot pockets of discontentment and areas of high performance without invasive questioning.

Colleges & training organizations

Universities, colleges & training organizations are competing for students’ funds in a recessionary environment. To ensure students are satisfied with the classes and courses, and to get a fuller response from all course attendees, Customer Thermometer is a highly effective tool for sending a training satisfaction survey.

Franchise owners

Franchise owners are at the mercy of their franchisees to deliver on their vision and maintain the brand promise. Customer Thermometer can be sent directly to end customers. The high response rate and lightness-of-touch, combined with the ability to track trends over time, means franchise owners can quickly identify and rectify any issues on a franchisee- or geographic- basis.

One to one

Executive coaches, consultants and individuals offering services often want to understand how their clients feel about them without asking detailed and time-intensive questions. You can send Customer Thermometer to people one at a time, if it suits your business model to do so.

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