We’ve based our business around asking one question

Most weeks, we get asked the question, “But we have to ask 10 questions in our customer survey – will Customer Thermometer work for us?”

Yes it will.

As one of our customers said:

‘if you’re not getting the kind of feedback Customer Thermometer provides, you can’t be as effective at customer service.’

  • Customer Thermometer supplements your longer annual survey with real-time, ‘in-the-moment’ feedback.
  • Longer-format surveys have their place but are often spaced too far apart to be able to solve customer issues on the ground
  • Our one click survey means you can therefore take tangible action to ensure every customer is delighted.
  • Survey fatigue is affecting many businesses’ response rates; asking one question gives you a more representative view (and usually your CSAT and NPS scores will go up, because it’s not just unhappy customers answering the survey)
  • It is possible to annoy customers by demanding too much time from them when answering long surveys – often one question is all you need.

We asked one of our customers what he thinks….


Mark: We have people who email us every now and again saying, “Hey. We love the service, but we want to ask more than 1 question; we want to ask 2 or 3. Can you do that?” We say “No. The whole point of it is you ask 1, because you get that instant response.” What would you say to those people that feel the need, that want to send 3, 4, or 5 questions?

Alonzo: I think what we actually looked at it, when we first thought about it; we were one of those people. We were thinking, “I don’t know if this is enough.”

When we really looked into the philosophy behind this, we appreciated we were asking the question, “What we need to succeed?” That 1 question was everything in a nutshell.

We understand that customers don’t want to be bogged down with answering a lot of questions, and basically, we need to get to the heart of it. We wanted to know, “How was the service? What do you think about us?”

Customer Thermometer, actually, basically, answered that for us, because with the 1 answer, that was all we needed. We just wanted to find out what did someone actually think about our service.

All the extras questions people ask, like; “What did you think of the staff? What did you think about the cleaning of the baths? What did you think about the cleaning of the kitchens?” It was irrelevant. Bottom-line, was that we wanted to get to that one burning question: What do you think about the service?

The education process that you may have to go through with some of your customers is very minimal. We did have a few customers that said, “We want to be able to answer more.”

Once they went through the education process and we trained our customer, it was brilliant.

The response rate was phenomenal.

Try the one question survey. Take us for a test drive.

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