We speak to a lot of customers about how they’re using the tool to measure and monitor their staff performance. Customer satisfaction and staff performance of course go hand in hand.

At first glance, Customer Thermometer might appear to be a “big brother” tool when it comes to monitoring performance but the reality is entirely the opposite. Our customers have reported huge staff support for this approach, citing that staff prefer to be rated by the people they serve rather than managers alone.

We spoke to our customers and gathered their top tips to motivate staff using customer feedback:

    1. Ensure you communicate a lot. Let staff know what you’re about to implement and why.
    2. Involve your teams in its rollout. Explain why it’s so important to measure customer happiness. Unless you know how customers are truly feeling at different points in your processes, you’ll never know when they may suddenly leave. Asking for feedback in the right way is an incredibly powerful tool.
    3. Explain why churn is such a bad thing in business. There’s a great article on that subject here.
    4. Explain that customer satisfaction has to be a priority. Embed that in your culture. Empower teams to make decisions to do what is right.
    5. With that thinking in place, staff can be held directly accountable for the feedback they receive.
    6. From there, teams can be rewarded, based on the voice of the customer. Let your customers decide who’s delivering well and vice versa. Incoming ratings could be for individuals or teams – every business is different.
    7. Make things interesting – add some competition to spice things up – publish league tables which reflect ratings against teams or individuals.
    8. Publish regular company figures – show where things are improving (or not) and involve all teams in the discussions around how to continuously improve.
    9. Don’t use poor feedback ratings as a threat internally – instead treat Red Alerts as isolated cases and work collaboratively to improve the situation or process ongoing.
    10. To truly embrace and instill a customer centric attitude in your business, tie feedback ratings to remuneration. To see how this might work in practice – watch the 2 minute video below from one of our customers, leading heritage  window and door specialist Jack Brunsdon & Son

who has put Customer Thermometer at the heart of his business and incentivised his window fitters to focus on satisfaction. If they get it right, they are financially rewarded.

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