Are your staff leaving you? Employee satisfaction is key

In Episode 4 of Customer Thermometer TV, Mark Copeman talks to the founder of Fairley & Associates and the architect of the Design Industry Voices survey, Rachel Fairley who has spent her entire career working with or within the marketing agency sector.

The survey is carried out annually amongst a huge sample of the UK’s design and digital agencies, to find out what people are really feeling about their jobs and the agency environment generally.

Today, we get to focus in on employee churn and the expensive, disruptive nature of it. We find out what you can potentially do to reduce it and Rachel talks about the ways she has used and recommended her clients use Customer Thermometer. She discusses engaging with employees early to avoid problems by ensuring the measurement of employee satisfaction is not a a business process after thought.

Our thanks to Rachel for sharing her honest views and if you would like the results of the 2011 survey which are due out in December then follow Rachel on Twitter at @FairleyAnd or send an email to entitled ‘notify me’

You can also see and download the complete 2010 survey from the website.