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Historical releases & alerts (all times UTC)

11:40 6th July 2020
New snazzy email blast template. Full NPS 1-10 available on our Email Thermometers.

14:25 2nd July 2020
We’ve updated our maintenance page, just working and making it a little prettier. Something’s coming…

14:25 2nd July 2020
Our Pushover notification functionality has been improved and it is now possible to select which Temperatures are sent against. Only want to receive Pushover notifications on Reds, now you can!

14:25 2nd July 2020
We’ve added ActiveCampaign to our Integration list!

13:05 30th June 2020
We’ve fixed an issue with our SuperWidget not loading correctly if the Thermometer selection was not active.

08:00 30th June 2020
We’ve updated our iOS app, with full NPS support for 0-10 scale, updating the colours and branding to match our web app, and added a callback to check-in with Customer Thermometer every 10 minutes (when there is a network and the app is running). Additionally some minor changes for the latest compliance and updates with Apple.

09:35 29th June 2020
We have improved the validation on our sendEmail API method to return an error and status code.

16:25 17th June 2020
We have updated the initial dashboard preview that is shown when somebody first logs in and hasn’t yet collected a response. It now shows the snazzy new Pinnable Dashboard Ribbon!

16:15 11th June 2020
A fix for our Power Bi connector where zero NPS ratings were not showing.

11:10 10th June 2020
Across the app, we’ve updated any mention of League Tables to Leaderboard to improve consistency and a better understanding for all our customers.

14:40 4th June 2020
When a Thermometer was duplicated, the Click Confirmations would not be duplicated to the new Thermometer. The fields were however, populated with the default values. This is now resolved, so if a Thermometer is duplicated, all settings will be copied across to the new item.

17:00 3rd June 2020
We have adjusted the security settings for the log feedback landing page, so it can now be embedded within a frame. Previously, you would of been presented with the error “This content cannot be displayed in a frame”. This is error will no longer occur.

16:25 3rd June 2020
Tightening security and bad actors in the application that was causing false clicks for some users.

16:00 2nd June 2020
Ever wanted to have add a graph to the mission control for a certain custom field? Perhaps have a leaderboard table of the top five agents? And also keep an eye on the ratings for the complaints department? Mixed with a CSAT top level, NPS score and Rating count.
You can add upto five different widget graphs to our reporting ribbon, built from a selection of Thermometers and filtered on a custom field or recipient.
Find out more about Reporting Ribbon

15:05 2nd June 2020
We’ve made some improvements to our Outlook Signature and Gmail integrations, making it easier for you to embed our code into those platforms by simply copy and pasting!

15:00 2nd June 2020
Got a Shopify store and want to capture feedback in your email notifications about how your order experience was? Or maybe you want to follow up afterwards and see if their delivery experience was top-notch? We’ve added Shopify as an integration type within the app. Preloaded it with a few useful placeholders so it’s ready to capture identifiable feedback.

11:10 29th May 2020
There was an issue where filters on our SuperWidgets weren’t updating for some date periods. This issue is now fixed.

15:00 21st May 2020
Ever got confused what rule in Clickblocker is for what? We’ve added the ability to add a comment next to each Clickblocker rule so you can easily keep track of what IP address, IP range or user-agent it belongs to.

10:00 21st May 2020
Our targets weren’t updating automatically at the start of each month. This is now fixed.

10:00 21st May 2020
Unfortunately, sometimes, our payment processor would get upset if there was a non UTF-8 character in an address. We’ve made some improvements and added further validation to make sure everybody is happy!

10:40 19th May 2020
It’s not all making things look pretty, we’ve made some optimisations to our bounce and sent email processing to keep things snappy!

14:45 5th May 2020
For our custom dashboard users, the top banner has been updated and the “pia pia piano keys” removed.

14:45 5th May 2020
We’ve updated our email notification templates and though we might be a little bias, we think they are beautiful. All the important content is the same, but now with an cleaner background image and logo. Let us know what you think!

12:35 5th May 2020
Remember that snazzy little search box on the Manage Thermometer page? We’ve added the same functionality to our Manage List page, so it’s quick and easy to find the correct list. Pagination has also been updated to match the Manage Thermometer page too.

09:45 5th May 2020
We’ve added Exclaimer to our Integration dropdown within the app so it’s nice and simple to setup and get going! No more rummaging around in the user-guide for the relevant variables, the dropdown has all the defaults preloaded.

16:15 30th April 2020
The conversation link from our reporting to Kustomer is now fixed and will direct you straight to the relevant ticket / case from which that feedback is about.

14:05 24th April 2020
Clean up of the formatting and overall tidyup of the copy for our Pushover integration.

17:40 23rd April 2020
Security is at the for front of everything we do here at Customer Thermometer and so to keep your accounts secure, we have implemented a “bad” password list to check and eliminate weak and vulnerable passwords.

17:35 23rd April 2020
For some of our clients,  they want to share our email and comment alerts with the Agent or Support representative but they don’t have an email address placeholder available to put in our custom fields. We’ve built a piece of functionality that will allow you to match data in a custom field and send an email to a certain recipient based on that data. If you are interested, please contact our support team.

12:15 21st April 2020
You know we have an Office 365 add-in, don’t you? This was a release to the add-in, squashing a few bugs and making the workflow easier for those whom have a locked-down permission set. We have also added a “refresh” button to pull in any changes or amendments you make within your Customer Thermometer account, into the add-in. Oh, and some additional logging for future troubleshooting too!

10:35 20th April 2020
On our new response confirmation page, if you were click-happy, it would submit multiple ratings. This is now fixed and only a single click is allowed. We have also fixed where the response date was showing the current date and time for pending results within our CSV exports. The response dates now show a dash for pending results.

15:50 14th April 2020
We have added seconds to the response time within our CSV exports – so you can see exactly to the second when a response came in.

15:40 2nd April 2020
The background colour and footer image is now pulled automatically to the response confirmation page – keeping your landing page branding seamless.

15:35 31st March 2020
Improvements to restrict false-clicks from known baddies!

13:35 27th March 2020
Something that should please our larger Thermometer users – there is now a snazzy little search box on the Manage Thermometers page, allow you to quickly find a certain Thermometer. The pagination has also had a speed improved to help with navigation. Keep your eyes pealed for another filter to appear soon.

08:00 27th March 2020
Ever wanted to choose a font for your Email Thermometer? Got a web-safe font ready in your branding kit? Well, you can now customise your Email Thermometer templates to use a web-safe font. Font support isn’t as easy as it should be – so we’re only listed those that we’re sure will work on all email clients to make sure it will render how you expect.

Not only fonts on an Email Thermometer – you can now also keep your landing pages branded with your font too. Just select from the dropdown within the Landing Page section.

13:40 23rd March 2020
We now have an option for a response confirmation – this is a step in front of the feedback registering. For a response to be registered, your user needs to click a confirm button. This feature ensures all response are correct and registered by a human.

10:15 23rd March 2020
A few wording improvements for our At The Beach plan on the account page.  You do know about “At the Beach” don’t you?

17:20 20th March 2020
There is now a link within the Reporting overview which links directly to the Blast – saves abit of hunting and searching to find which comment relates to which Blast. I’m sure you’ll find this one useful!

14:30 18th March 2020
The label for our League Tables labels was not showing the correct date in relation to what was submitted. The display issue is now fixed and working as expected.

16:30 17th March 2020
Non UTF-8 characters were disrupting the GetBlastResults API method. We’ve put a fix in place to ensure any non UTF-8 character plays by the rules and doesn’t break the feed.

11:40 13th March 2020
A very of our corporate users were experiencing an error message on our landing pages of unsupported browser versions when using compatibility mode in Internet Explorer 11. A fix was released to remove the error message and allow for compatibility mode to continue to work.

16:00 6th March 2020
The was a bug where the Thermometer wouldn’t pull the latest updates within our Outlook Office 365 Add-in. This is fixed, so as soon as you click save – you’ll see the new iconset or question.

12:00 28th November 2019
We’ve decided to remove the credit breakdown from Mission Control. We don’t want you to be distracted by how many credits you are using and really focus on the feedback – as that’s what is important here!

17:05 14th November 2019
Our APAC customers noticed that some of the dials weren’t showing correctly when using certain filters. We’ve fixed the issue and happy to confirm all graphs and data is shown for your local timezone!

15:55 11th November 2019
We’ve made a change to our email, comment and slack notifications. Previously, if your account failed payment, those lovely notifications would stop sending. We realise that sometimes your card expires and you’ve ignored all the emails from your bank asking you to update it – so we changed it and kept the notifications to keep sending.

10:45 7th November 2019
We’ve added the created date of your Thermometer to the Manage Thermometers page. It’s the little things aye?

08:00 25th October 2019
Do you use AutoTask? Would you like a write-back of your Customer Thermometer rating back into AutoTask and against the ticket? Well, today my friend, it must be like Christmas for you. As this is now possible! Simply, edit your AutoTask Thermometer and setup the integration.

16:40 21st October 2019
Just some further tidy up for the new True NPS feature, hiding the temperature description and click confirmations if true NPS is selected.

08:30 17th October 2019
We have updated our Freshdesk integration to allow you to copy & paste the generated code easily into Freshdesk, no longer having to upload separate icons and attach the links. With this release, we added the filters to the new NPS report too.

10:10 15th October 2019
This one needed it’s own line in the changelog!
We’ve supported NPS since the early days. However, this was only based on our 4 point scale. Today, we’re happy to release an update that will give you the full 11 point scale. 11 individual and unique links that will give you a true NPS score. In addition to this, it will still give you the 4-point score. A new snazzy report within the reporting suite, you can easily mix NPS and non-NPS thermometers.

10:10 15th October 2019
For some of our icons, there was a larger than desired gap between each of them. We’ve tweaked this so, the gap is removed automatically and should keep things nice and neat!

11:55 11th October 2019
For our MD Jim, this was a real bugbear! The popup for the wizard now as a handy little cross so you can hide it from your dashboard. It disappears until you next login (incase you miss it!).

11:45 3rd October 2019
A few more tweaks to the icon sets. If you select a reversed icon set, you no longer need to tick the box to make it reverse. It’s reversed by magic. Just a clever little thing, well, our development team think it is! For some reason, our Gmail integration was missing a preview. It’s pretty hard to see those beautiful icons without a preview, isn’t it!

16:20 2nd October 2019
A handful of new NPS icons for our embedded thermometers! Go check them out.

12:45 30th September 2019
We got a couple of alerts from some users who were trying to register with really (and I mean really) long email addresses – and it wasn’t letting them. We’ve fixed it and now we’re not judging on your email address length anymore!

09:10 26th September 2019
This one took a while to jump through the hoops, but we’re happy to announce our Slack integration has been updated and approved. Ever wanted to create a survey for your Slack users and collect feedback within a couple of clicks? Well today is your lucky day! It’s live and kicking and ready for your feedback.
Just create a Slackbot Thermometer within your account and it’ll pull through to your Slack instance (obviously you need to authenticate it – but you’re already using our Slack integration, aren’t you?!).

11:20 23rd September 2019
Abit of spring cleaning for our icons. We’ve removed the category “Embedded” and merged these icons into their various categories. Have you checked out our Icon Playground yet? Give it a search

09:30 20th September 2019
Traditionally, when you have email capture switched on and using an anonymous system, you would not receive an email alert until a user has clicked “No thanks” or captured an email address. We have now added a new option, so an email alert can be fired as soon as a user has hit the landing page. Where this will still be anonymous, with the use of our custom fields, you can pass data to identify the user who has rated.

13:30 19th September 2019
We’ve released a PowerBi Connector so you can pull your response data straight into Microsoft PowerBi. It’s currently in BETA – but we’d love you to take a spin. Contact the Ministry of Magic and they’ll be able to provide instructions of how to get up and running.

13:10 17th September 2019
Following the SCA / PDS2 compliance changes, we had a couple of hiccups with our auto-upgrade feature. This is now all fixed up and working properly.

12:35 16th September 2019
PDS2 / SCA – if you haven’t heard of it, you probably shouldn’t worry. This was a release to our payment system within the app to ensure we are compliance with the new EU directive and ensure that subscriptions continue as expected.

09:20 12th September 2019
After the infrastructure work, we had a couple of issues with encoding and responses being encoded incorrectly. We’ve gone through and updated everything that was being incorrectly displayed.

10:15 7th September 2019
Patching and improvements to our application infrastructure.

09:30 5th September 2019
Further minor compatibility changes to make sure everything still works after the weekend.

08:45 2nd September 2019
A few minor compatibility changes prior to a scheduled maintenance work this weekend.

14:00 29th August 2019
Our new Office 365 Outlook add-in captures the sender name, sender email address, recipient email address and subject line. To add some privacy, we’ve added an option on the thermometer settings to enable the capture of subject lines. It’s off by default.

16:30 28th August 2019
We like to keep things transparent so we have added some clarification of text regarding our double credit limit on our subscription page.

11:25 28th August 2019
Previously, when using the Wizard, comment and email alerts weren’t enabled by default. We have changed this so for every thermometer created with the Wizard, comments, comment alerts and email alerts will be enabled by default. Great for getting you up and running in no time!

10:25 28th August 2019
We’ve been busy… really busy developing something quite clever! We are proud to announce that we have an Office 365 Outlook add-in. This add-in will allow you to capture identifiable feedback within Microsoft Outlook. Create an Office 365 thermometer using the Wizard today!

12:45 21st August 2019
For our Zendesk integration, we needed to add some headers to the API calls. This change doesn’t affect any functionality and is a requirement for our marketplace listing.

16:50 16th July 2019
An update to our iOS tablet app has been published to the App Store. This update improves stability and keeps everything working on the latest versions of iOS.

15:15 12th July 2019
Unfortunately, there was a bug with Connectwise that was causing issues with the ‘ClosedBy’ field on their APIs that we use on our integration. Today, ConnectWise released version 2019.4 which resolves the issue.

13:00 12th July 2019
On smaller devices, if you didn’t have a transparent logo, it would overlap the top background and look abit boxy! We’ve tweaked the margins so this won’t happen anymore!

11:45 12th July 2019
Did you know that we’ve got a write-back for ServiceNow? Wait – you don’t?! Take a look at our Press Release.

16:30 26th June 2019
We’ve added pagination to our Slack integration page so those of you with 25+ thermometers, can easily page through and customise each one!

17:30 13th June 2019
It looks like an axis on our TempTrack report was stuck in the future when running over a short date range. We’ve fixed it, so the correct month will now be displayed.

16:45 4th June 2019
Fixed a very minor spelling mistake on the NPS setting page. But we like to keep things professional.

14:10 30th May 2019
Ever looked at our target tables and thought they should be centralised? … No, me neither. But they’re now centralised! The right-hand graph was dropping off on some reports – that’s fixed. Want to integrate with Microsoft Teams, you can do that now – see the ‘Push Options’ page.

14:00 16th May 2019
It seems that if you double-clicked on the submit button on our landing pages, you would receive multiple responses. This has now been fixed.

11:40 15th May 2019
With the increasing amount of “outputs” available from Customer Thermometer, we have decided to merge all those into one place for ease of management. We have removed the links for Slack and Webhooks in the top navigation and instead replaced it with “Push Options”. Here, you’ll find all the treats – Webhooks, Slack, API and Pushover notifications.
We’re always working on growing this list – so let our Ministry of Magic know what is missing!

17:15 7th May 2019
A few tweaks to our icons available on the quick-start wizard to reduce the amount of spacing between each of them.

16:00 2nd May 2019
ConnectWise has updated their API calls, so this is to ensure that our write-back keeps on working!

22:15 23rd April 2019
Got loads of archived thermometers and struggle to determine which type each one is? Now there is an easier way to distinguish between email and embedded thermometers. We’ve added a little icon to archive page.

15:30 12th April 2019
The fun hasn’t stopped there – we’ve just added some new NPS icons for email thermometers. Even more of a reason to try out flipped horizontal icons!

14:40 12th April 2019
Ever wanted to have the icons in your email thermometer survey to be horizontal instead of vertical? Now you can! But not only can you have them horizontal, but you can reverse them too! Horizontal and reds first – it’s like Christmas all over again.
We also changed the alt text on the logo for our HTML email template. It now shows your company name instead of the blast name,

09:55 4th April 2019
Our pink heading was showing on some mobile devices – we’ve corrected this.

11:30 29th March 2019
We’ve added the temperature colours to all sections of the reporting so you can easily identify each feedback rating quickly.

16:45 26th March 2019
A bug fix where temperature descriptions and footer text were always populating if left empty for some thermometers.

10:55 26th March 2019
Further styling updates to the height of the summary boxes across the app, they now all line up nicely!

09:25 26th March 2019
A couple of tweaks to the blast report, tidying up the styling and making sure everything looks on point! Whilst we were there, we also fixed a the legend links so now they shortcut to the response tab correctly.

15:40 22nd March 2019
You can now rank by Thermometer name on our League Tables. Go and check it out.

13:50 21st March 2019
A nice Thursday treat which now allows you to edit the wording of the email capture buttons on the landing pages for embedded thermometers. Happy editing!

20:15 21st March 2019
A small fix to the font-size on landing pages.

09:50 20th March 2019
We wanted to bring the rest of the app inline with the Quick-start wizard that we released a few months ago. We have kept the flow and reporting the same but with the addition to some sparkle and shine, making the app a more enjoyable experience.
You can read more about the full release on our blog

08:20 7th March 2019
A fix has been deployed for the Infusionsoft integration code. There was an instance of where the test code was being generated instead of the live code.

11:45 26th February 2019
From our earlier release, where comment email alerts are customisable per alert color, we have extended this to email alerts. Now the initial email alert can be separated per color as well.

10:30 21st February 2019
With the increase of ad-blockers, our landing page banners were being blocked (Booo!). So, we’ve tweaked them and any new banners should no longer be blocked and appear in all their glory.
Second to that, Comment email alerts can now be sent to separate email addresses. The big boss only wants to receive gold alerts, well that’s easy!

09:20 21st February 2019
Two new filters on the Mission Control dashboard, you can now easily select this week or this month without having to use the custom date range! Simple.

16:00 20th February 2019
Ever wanted to change the color of the (default) green or red buttons on your landing page? Perhaps make it fit better to your style guide? Well, we’ve heard your request and happy to make this change. You can now customise each button background and it’s button text color per thermometer landing page. Snazzy aye?

14:15 18th February 2019
Further tidyup of the icon panel, implementation of tabs to help with those users who have a large number of custom icons. The email alerts configuration now matches all other thermometer checkboxes. Oh and we have also finally removed all those pesky roman numerals II • XVIII • MMXIX.

14:45 – 15:20 9th February 2019
Our upstream network provider is experiencing intermittent network issues within their datacenter. This is affecting our app, API and widgets. During this time, some users may experience connection timeouts.

09:45 30th January 2019
A quick tidyup of our icon panel within the edit thermometer section. No more vertical icons! We’ve also changed the number of icons shown on each page in the wizard, as a few were being cut-off on smaller screens.

09:30 28th January 2019
A few minor changes to some links to remove some redirects and the start of something. Hold onto your hats ladies and gents.

13:30 25th January 2019
Just a little something to help out our trialists…

09:15 21st January 2019
Another change for our embedded widgets, you can now rename each item of the legend for our graph widgets. We also noticed a few missing breadcrumbs in the reporting section.

09:15 17th January 2019
Our dev team has been busy with the paint again – this time, the registration and subscription pages got a revamp. Take a look when you’re next in the app and let us know what you think!

Some of you lovely lot have requested for the ability to customise colors on the widgets. We’ve added in some extra parameters to support this and updated the default snippet. Our widget documentation is probably a good place to start!

09:30 14th January 2019
Have you spotted our cute little favicon has gotten a refresh? It looks super nice when you pin it to your favourites! Goodbye grainy small PNG – hello Goldie! Our new favicon

16:00 7th January 2019
Loved our comment widget, but wish you could just filter it by one thermometer? Today is your lucky day! You can now have a comment widget for a single thermometer.

07:30 20th December 2018
We are pleased to announce the launch of our Thermometer Wizard, which will help get an embedded thermometer up and running in a matter of minutes. We’ve also given the app a lick of paint and made it look all purdy – think of it as an early Christmas present.

10:30 4th December 2018
We’ve added a new item to the GetBlastResults API endpoint. You’ll now be able to see what comments have been hidden (from the moderation options within the reporting).

11:00 15 November 2018
We reviewed the wording across the app, ensuring it’s all up to date and added further help links to the user guide for abit of bedtime reading.

14:00 6 November 2018

We’ve added the option to exclude / include comments for each rating on our Slack integration. Want to only receive the comments for a Red alert – now you can!

15:00 1 November 2018
We’ve added a couple of useful additions to our GetBlastResults API endpoint. You can now easily see the thermometer type, opened date and whether it bounced.

11:30 15 October 2018
Added new integration with Slack

09:00 11 May 2018
Updated Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to come into line with EU GDPR Regulation.

15:00 10 May 2018
Minor maintenance release. We also removed the links to our recent blog posts from the Dashboard.

07:30 9 February 2018
Squished a few bugs and tightened some bolts.

09:30 29 January 2018
Added new integration for Pulseway.

09:30 6 January 2018
Infrastructure upgrades performed and patches applied to address the Meltdown vulnerability.

15:30 29 November 2017
Terms & conditions and privacy policy updated in line with upcoming GDPR regulations.

09:30 29 August 2017
Version 2.4 released. Integration-tastic!
Fresh! Freshdesk 2-way integration
New! CodeTwo integration
Improved! ConnectWise integration now has the option to have your feedback added as a discussion and/or resolution note.
Bolstered! The Report by Date screen now has a helpful ‘comments’ tab.
Magic! Handily, now you can see the total number of responses against your Embedded Thermometers on the Reporting tab. (Thanks Piers)
Panoply! Minor bug fixes and improvements too numerous to mention.

14:10 2 August 2017
Essential infrastructure maintenance. No downtime experienced.

08:00 24 July 2017
New dedicated Customer Thermometer user guide now live.

10:30 19 June 2017
Version 2.3 – this is a big one!

ConnectWise 2-way integration. Now you can write back your responses and comments directly into ConnectWise.
How cool is that?

Webhooks. Have your responses and comments sent to any URL you want, the instant they happen.
Just like magic!

ClickBlocker v2. Now you can block IP ranges too, not just single IP addresses. You can block a user agent string irrespective of its IP address. We have also added the ability to delete your blocked responses.
Well done ClickBlocker

We also found time to fix some bugs, in particular, one that could ignore some Swedish characters when uploading a csv.
Vi älskar dig Sverige!

09:30 16 May 2017
Version 2.2.2 – this is a maintenance release, and a palindrome too.
Bolts tightened, cogs greased, oil changed, dilithium crystals replenished.

09:00 8 May 2017
Increased the performance of the Zendesk write-back.
It was a bit slower than it should have been, now it’s like a

14:00 11 April 2017
Washed and waxed the new Vorex integration. It is now even shinier.
Added an easter egg

17:00 29 March 2017
Fixed a bug in the Dashboard where February 2017 couldn’t be selected.
It is now friends with February again.

10:00 27 March 2017
New feature: Kaseya and Vorex embedded Thermometers released
iOS Tablet app enhancements

14:00 15 March 2017
Added Response ID to global CSV export

13:00 8 March 2017
Version 2.2 released
A fresh new look!

00:01 1 March 2017
Update to Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy, Customer Thermometer LLP has changed entity and has become Customer Thermometer Ltd and has a new registered address. Ownership structure and all other aspects of the business remain identical.

09:30 24 February 2017
Bug fixed in email alert template. Various improvements and bug fixes.

16:00 2 February 2017
Improvements to the blocking of known bad user agents

10:00 15 January 2017
Version 2.15 released
Various security enhancements and minor bug fixes

09:30 19 December 2016
Improvements to the HTML generation when using labels

09:00 16 November 2016
Performance upgrades to the CSV export mechanism

10:00 14 November 2016
ServiceNow Embedded Thermometer released – including lock out on Incident ID + email address
Other minor enhancements

16:00-20:48 7 October 2016
Some delays in email survey blast sending, all queues cleared by 20:48 UTC. Alerts and blast alert emails unaffected

09:30 29 September 2016
Version 2.10 released.
Added Enhanced Embedded Thermometer generation. Basic HTML embedded Thermometer now includes email prompts. New Basic links embedded Thermometer added. Report by date reporting layout improved. Improved email sending. Many other performance upgrades and bugs squished

09:30 26 September 2016
Updates to Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy governing use of application. No material changes

10:30 30 June 2016
Version 2.091 released
Performance enhancements to the Reporting area

10:30 23 June 2016
Version 2.09 released.
Introduced a brand new feature called ClickBlocker which optionally removes and blocks unwanted responses. Added a magnifying glass icon to each response line in the Reporting area that shows more detail, such as originating Country and IP address.
Changed the ‘OK’ default text on comment submission to ‘submit comment’
Enhanced the failed password procedure
More bug fixes and enhancements

09:30 16 May 2016
Version 2.08 released.
Major landing page upgrades, added the ability to reverse Embedded Thermometer icon order, added the ability to change field headings in alert emails. Bug fixes and lots of enhancements

09:30 29 April 2016
Minor bug fix

11:30 14th April 2016
Marketing site upgraded to SSL – EV certificate installed successfully

10:30 4 April 2016
Version 2.071 released
Minor bug fix

10:00 17 March 2016
Landing page comment submit button text changed from “SEND” to “OK” for improved international language compatibility
(subsequent releases means this text is now customizable)

09:30 15 March 2016
Version 2.07 released
New Blast Breakdown screens, new Comment reporting. Bug fixes and enhancements

09:30 9 February 2016
Version 2.06 released
Bug fixes and enhancements. Added in the additional statuses of ‘Opened’, ‘Unopened’ and ‘Bounced’ for Email Blasts within the CSV Exports

09:30 20 January 2016
Version 2.05 released
Made landing pages responsive to improve the experience on mobile devices

12:00 11 January 2016
Version 2.04 released

11:00 (Sunday) 29 November 2015
Scheduled downtime for infrastructure upgrades completed successfully

16:00 22 October 2015
Essential housekeeping may have caused some users to have a slower experience than normal whilst using the app

14:30 15 October 2015
v2.03 release live

12:40 5 October 2015
Root cause (network card issue) identified and fixed, which cased the slow loading of some dashboards and response landing pages this morning
We’d like to apologize for any inconvenience caused

10:00 11 September 2015
Version 2.02 released
Export all bounces feature released (previously bounces only exportable per Blast).
Minor bug fixes

23:00  1 September 2015
Email servers – upgrade

Please note there may be delays of up to 30 minutes in receiving alerts / sending email Blasts. This will last for approximately 4 hours.

12:00 6 July 2015
Alert template design reverted to previous version, based on customer feedback.
Blog post to follow with explanation.

05:45 – 08:00 4 July 2015
Data centre lightning strike. UPS failed to take over.
Admin and click recording unavailable temporarily.
Apologies to anyone affected. Fortunately this was after hours into the weekend for all users.

12:00 3 July 2015
Version 2.01 released – new alert templates
New tours now available for new trialist customers

22:30 – 23:50 18th June 2015
Admin unavailable due to minor server log issue
All clicks captured normally

10:00 31 May 2015
Version 2.0 released

13:00 8 March 2015
Version 1.99 released
New billing system now available to all users