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Setting up an Atera Thermometer

Create your Atera Embedded Thermometer

Create a new Embedded Thermometer.

Choose “Basic HTML” from the i) Embedded Thermometer type drop down box.

Generate your embed code

Click the Generate embed code button. You will see a window popup.

Add the Atera fields you want to be able to report satisfaction data against:

We’ve included some example fields below:

Note, recipient email address is unavailable

{[Contact First Name]} – this is the first name of the user

{[Contact Last Name]} - this is the last name of the user

{[Ticket Number]} – this is the id number of the ticket

{[Technician First Name]} – this is the technician's first name

{[Ticket Close Date]} - this is the ticket close date

You can also add other Atera variables, using the syntax shown in the message editing template area of your Atera admin screens.

Click ‘the Generate HTML’ button.

Copy the HTML generated in the box on the right hand side, ready for the next stage.

Adding feedback icons to Atera

Step 1 – create a ticket closed template

Head back into Atera.

Go to Admin > Customer Facing, then click the Email Templates button.

Select the existing new “Ticket closed” template or use the panel on the right to create one.

Ensure your ticket closure message is ‘friendly’… use the merge fields which can be inserted via the colored buttons above the toolbar to customize.

When you are ready, switch to source mode:

Copy the HTML code block generated via your Customer Thermometer screen from the earlier step.

Paste that code block at the relevant point within the email template message.

Switch out of source mode and save your changes:

Your email template is now complete.

Step 2 – create an automation rule

WIth the template created, you now need to trigger it. Create a new Automation Rule within your Atera Admin screen:

Recreate the Automation rule shown below – ensuring you select the correct email template within the Action (you may have named yours differently).

Your integration is now complete.

In your Customer Thermometer reporting area you will be able to see who responded, the rating and comment left, the ticket number, the technician name and more.




Updated on July 15, 2020

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