Bespoke icons

Can I use my own icons instead of yours?

Yes, absolutely.

Click  “Manage Thermometers” and either make a new Thermometer or edit an existing one.

Scroll down to the icons library and at the end of that section, click “Click to add custom icons”.

You can upload your own set and give them a name.


For Email Thermometers, images need to be exactly 106px wide by 65px tall.
You’ll find a template image to download here.

For Embedded Thermometers – dimensions are less of an issue. We recommend approx 70px width.

All images must be saved as PNGs, GIFs or JPGs.

Please only use letters and numbers when naming icon sets and files.

Managing icon sets

You can delete and add additional icon sets within your settings area:

Updated on June 13, 2018

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