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Bespoke social media icons

Social Media icons can be added to Landing pages. Whilst we provide a small library of common ones, it’s possible to create and upload your own.

Click on “Settings” on the top navigation bar, and select the “Social icons” tab:On this page, you’ll see existing icons which have been uploaded and are available in your account.

Creating and deleting icons

To create a new icon, give it a name, browse for the file from your hard drive and click save. The file will be uploaded when you click save.

Ensure the file is no more than 48px wide x 48px tall. JPG, GIF and PNG files only.

To delete a custom social icon from your account, click the red cross underneath the stored icons.

Using Social media icons on Landing pages.

Click here to see them in use.

Updated on June 13, 2018

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