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Blast Breakdown report


The Blast Breakdown report shows all responses and analysis (by date range) for all responses from a specific Thermometer.

For Email Thermometers, each Blast sent has its own Blast Breakdown report.

For Embedded Thermometers, each response recorded will show inside an open-ended Blast Breakdown report, filterable by date range.

To see a Blast Breakdown report, click on any Blast summary link, in the main Reporting area:

Example report:

You can display metrics by specific or custom date ranges, using the date picker.

Additional tabbed reports and options

Select a tab for additional options:

The Responses tab shows response detail for that Blast, with up to 3 custom fields showing per response, alongside any comments left, plus IP address detail.

Additional custom field data can be seen by exporting your data.

The Comments tab shows any comments for that Blast, a word cloud, comment metrics and allows you the ability to moderate comments if showing publicly.

The Widgets tab provides simple code to copy and paste into your webpages, to display real time metrics externally for that Blast.

The Exports tab allows you to export response data for that Blast, to CSV for further analysis.

What’s the difference between the metrics?

Temperature rating provides a single number per Blast to benchmark trends.

Happiness factor is the %age happy vs %age disappointed responses.

NPS score, when enabled, provides your Net Promoter Scores.

Click here to see how we calculate the variance from the previous period.

Comments displayed on this dashboard show publicly IF you are using moderation.

Updated on April 24, 2020

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