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Setting up BrightGauge with Customer Thermometer

There are full and detailed instructions on BrightGauge’s support pages, with screenshots, here.

If you’re already a Customer Thermometer user, and you’re getting CSAT feedback from your customers, here’s an overview of how to see that feedback, and manipulate it alongside your helpdesk and ticket data, inside BrightGauge.

(Example dashboard).

Setting up BrightGauge with your Customer Thermometer account

Inside your BrightGauge account, initiate the connection by adding “Customer Thermometer” as a data source.

Head into Customer Thermometer and copy your API key from the “Push Options” area.

API information

Head back into BrightGauge and add a name for the datasource, we recommend ‘Customer Thermometer’ and then paste the API key in the box provided.

Test the connection, and if successful, save it.


Updated on September 4, 2019

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