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Closed Loop Reporting

What is Closed Loop?

Closed Loop auto-prompts your agents to address feedback that demands a response, maximizing customer service performance. Therefore, it provides the ability for your business to react and deal with feedback in realtime whilst also providing outreach reporting.

If you’re not set up on Closed Loop yet get started here.


To find your Closed Loop reporting head to Reporting > Closed Loop tab.

Once clicked you’ll be taken to your Loop Landscape:

The Loop Landscape is separated into three areas Open, Overdue and Closed.
Each rating zone within these areas represents the number of responses in that section of the loop journey. You can hover over each zone to view the number of responses and click to filter the responses below.

To view the original loop and its historic details simply click the closed loop ID. You can also export loops to PDF.


Closed Loop from Customer Thermometer extends the value of 1-click surveys to support real customer experience (CX) improvement for brands with advanced service desk teams and volume email environments.


Updated on March 8, 2021