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Custom fields is an optional feature within Customer Thermometer.

Using them is like a mail merge in Word where you have a list of data, which you combine with a document, to produce multiple personalized documents.

You might have contact data, with associated fields, such as company name, account manager name, account manager email address… which you can then merge with a Thermometer template to produce personalized Email Thermometers for recipients.

Alternatively, you might use them to personalize a Landing page for a recipient when using Email or Embedded Thermometers.

Up to 10 custom fields are available. Note that in the majority of the main reporting screens – only three are displayed. League Tables and exports will show all 10 fields, if you are using them.

Why would you use them?

Example 1

If you have multiple account managers supporting different customers, and as a business owner you are looking for find out how those account managers are performing in the eyes of the customer.

In this case, you’d associate the relevant account manager name with [custom 1], and add the account manager custom field into the body copy and perhaps the temperature fields too as shown below:

custom fields customer thermometer

Example 2

Perhaps you would like Thermometers to be sent to customers from individual service managers from your team – but would like to send everything as a single blast, as opposed to creating different Thermometer templates. With custom fields this is now possible.

In this case, you would associate service manager names with [custom 1] and their email addresses with [custom 2]. You’d then create your Thermometer as shown below:

custom fields customer thermometer

Using custom fields with Email Thermometers

Add your custom fields to your relevant contact List, which you can either do manually, or using the CSV format.  Ensure you use the CSV template provided on the Manage Lists screen.

Find out how to create Lists of recipients here.

In the example below, [custom 1] is the account manager’s name. [custom 2] is the account manager’s email address.

customers contact list email

Adding custom fields to your Thermometer template

You can add a custom field to any box within the Thermometer admin screen, which indicates they are available:

You can enter as many custom fields as you wish. Ensure they are populated within your List, otherwise they will be blank to your recipient.

Previewing your Thermometer

When you preview your Thermometer – custom fields are shown with % % either side of them. When the Blast is sent, each field will be populated with data from within your List.

Customizing custom field labels on email response alerts

You also have the option to name custom fields for alert emails. Note this will apply account wide and cannot be customized per Thermometer.

When email response alerts or comment alerts are sent, fields can be defined for users who may not appreciate what they are.

When emails are received, rather than showing Custom 1: Suzi Sanchez, the line willread: Account Manager: Suzi Sanchez.

Defined custom fields gold star

To customize these labels, head into your settings area, and click on the “Custom field labels” tab. From there, you can edit the labels.

Click save when you’re done.

Fields in alert emails will be affected immediately and can be changed at any time.

Hide the IP address and/or the Country from the email and comments alerts.

Some customers would rather not be emailed the IP address or country of their responses; often for privacy reasons. We’ve therefore created a new feature to allow you to remove these from email and comment alerts. To enable this, head to “Settings” at the top right hand side, and click “Custom Field Labels”. Tick the boxes of your choice and click Save.

List of allowable custom fields

When using custom fields within your Thermometer setup screens, ensure you use the fields as shown below:

Updated on October 8, 2020

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