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Setting up a Salesforce Desk Thermometer

Create your Desk Embedded Thermometer

Create a new Embedded Thermometer.

Choose “Desk.com” from the i) Embedded Thermometer type drop down box.

Generate your embed code

Click the Generate embed code button. You will see a window popup.

Add / edit the Salesforce Desk Liquid variables as shown below. These variables will provide identifiable feedback and dictate which data is captured alongside Customer Thermometer rating.

NOTE ON LIQUID VARIABLES: Desk only allows certain Liquid Variables to be used in this way.
To see the uptodate list – click here. If you find custom variables not being reported in Customer Thermometer as you might expect, do check this list – as that’s likely to be the issue.

If you would like to report on the agent name in Custom 2 or 3, then we recommend you use the liquid variable: {{case.user.name_public}}

Click “Generate HTML” and copy the HTML code generated.

Option 1: Add Thermometer icons to Desk Case replies

Please ensure each user is verified. Information on how to do that is here.

For Thermometer icons to appear as a signature within each Case reply, you’ll need to set up a new (or edit the default) Reply Theme.

Visit Channels > Reply Themes. Click on the Reply Theme you’d like to edit.

Position your cursor at the correct point in the body copy (see below for our recommendation) and paste in your embed code.

Click Update when complete.

Ensure that this Reply Theme is set as the default.

How to insert feedback buttons immediately after the last comment in the Case thread

We recommend creating thread emails which look like:


To do this, scroll down the default code inside the new Reply Theme to the line underneath the
{% if email.agent.signature %} element.

Insert the line shown below, underneath that element:

{% if forloop.first %}

Then paste in your Customer Thermometer embed code, copied from your account.

Ensure the line

{% endif %}

is the line both before and after the Thermometer code.

Don’t forget to save/update and then choose it as your default reply theme.

Click the image below to enlarge, to see how it should look when complete.

Desk embed code customer thermometer

Option 2: Send a Thermometer Email on Case closure / resolved

Ensure you are logged in as an Admin.

Create your Case closure email by using an Auto-Acknowlegement:

Add in the code from your Customer Thermometer account and customize as required.

When you create the new Auto-acknowledgement- it will look something like:

Edit desk.com themeOnce the new Acknowledgement is saved, go to Cases > Rules > Inbound Interaction.

Set up a rule, similar to the screenshot below.

Customize as you require. For example, you may prefer to send on Resolved Case status or only run the rule during business hours.

Don’t forget to click update, and you’re done.

Issue capturing agent names

We know of one customer having a problem capturing agent names against tickets – particularly when using Case Notifications.

If {{email.sender}} doesn’t work, try {{Case.user.name}} as a custom field when creating your HTML.

Updated on February 11, 2019

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