Email alerts

Email alerts for clicks

You can set up instant email alerts to be sent to recipients of your choice. These can be set up per Thermometer, and you can choose to have them sent to different individuals depending on which colour response was clicked.

To enable email alerts, go to “Manage Thermometers”, edit a Thermometer and scroll down to “Email alert notifications”:

Click alerts

Select the ratings type that you would like to receive alerts for and then enter the appropriate email address(es) of where you would like the alerts to be sent to.

Separate multiple email addresses with commas.

Email alerts for comments

You can also enable email alerts for comments. These will be separate to the alerts for clicks.

To enable comment alerts, go to “Manage Thermometers”, select the Thermometer you want to edit, and then select the “Landing page setup” tab.

Scroll down to “Comments setup”:

Comment alerts

Enter the email address(es) you want to be alerts sent to, once a comment has been submitted. Again, you can specify different recipients depending on which colour response was clicked.

Note: the coloured tick boxes are for enabling the comment box on the landing page.
These tick boxes do not relate to the alerts.

Using custom field data to route the email alerts

You can use custom fields to route alerts to different people depending on who or what the response related to.

For example, you might choose to capture the employee/sender’s details in Custom 1-3, and their manager’s email in Custom 4. You could then simply enter [custom_4] into the email alert settings:

Custom fields

The email alert would then be automatically routed to whatever email address was captured in Custom 4.

How do alerts work for Outlook / Gmail signatures?

Because most Outlook/Gmail signature responses are anonymous, the alerts work slightly differently.

If the email capture field is NOT enabled on the landing page, then email alerts will be triggered as per your settings.

However, if the email capture field IS enabled, you will only receive an email alert if the respondent enters their email or confirms they don’t want to. If they don’t do either, you will not receive an alert for that response.

If you would prefer to receive instant email alerts for all responses, even if they’re anonymous, please enable the following setting on the ‘Landing page setup’ tab:

Email Alert Setting

Updated on December 30, 2019

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