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Email response alerts

Email alerts for recipient responses

You can set up alerts to be sent to one person (or multiple people) per Thermometer per temperature.

You can also use custom fields to route alerts to different people depending on which recipient clicked a response.

To enable email alerts, go to “Manage Thermometers” edit a Thermometer and scroll down towards the end of the page. Here you’ll see an area called “Email alert notifications”.

Select the ratings type that you would like to receive alerts for and then enter the appropriate email address(es) of where you would like the alerts to be sent to.

To add multiple email addresses – separate them by commas.

Leave the email field blank to disable alerts for that specific temperature for the Thermometer.

Email alerts for recipient comments

You can receive an email alert, each time a recipient leaves a comment.

Turn these alerts on by heading to “Manage Thermometers” and select the Thermometer you want to edit.

Choose the  “Landing page setup” tab.

Scroll down to “Comments setup”:

Enter the email address(es) you want to be alerts sent to, once a comment has been submitted. The recipient can be customised by colour response.

Please note – you will receive an alert for all comments received, regardless of which colour response was clicked first.

To add multiple email addresses – separate them by commas.

How do alerts work for Outlook / Gmail signatures?

If email capture is NOT enabled, then alerts WILL come through for all responses.

If email capture IS enabled, then alerts will only come through if an email address is entered on the landing page.

If comments are enabled, then alerts will come through for all comments, regardless of whether an email was entered.

Updated on February 26, 2019

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