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Creating an Email Thermometer template

Email Thermometer Overview

There are 4 stages to sending an Email Thermometer.

1) Create your email template, which will look something like this:

2) Create your Landing pages Рone for each rating. They will look something like this:

3) Create your List of recipients.

4) Send your Blast.

This guide looks at step 1.

Creating an Email Thermometer template

You can create a single template or as many as you wish for different scenarios. For example, create a “pulse” template, to be sent to key customers each month.

Click Manage Thermometers, ensuring the Email Thermometers tab is selected, then “Add new Thermometer”

You can also edit an existing Thermometer, by clicking the edit button next to the Thermometer.

Choose your template

We have four templates for you to choose from:

Name your Thermometer

Give your Thermometer a unique name to refer to – this is for internal use.

What question would you like to ask?

This question will appear in the main title bar of the email template. This is not the subject line of the email – that’s set below.

You can click here for some question inspo ūüĎć

Enable Net Promoter Score reporting?

This will appear if you’ve enabled NPS¬†(and are on Jumper or above). If enabled for a specific Thermometer, you will be able to view NPS reporting for any associated Blasts, in your reporting section.

What do you want the subject line of the email to be?

Don’t make your subject line ‘tricksy’. Don’t make it spammy. Be clear.

There’s guidance on getting better response rates, by having good subject lines¬†here.

Would you like to add a salutation?

This will appear before the first name (when present) at the start of your email template:

Note – when you preview your Thermometer template, the name appearing after the salutation is the one which is set within your Account details screen.

Enter your email body text

This is your explanatory text. Make it specific – be clear on why you want people to provide a rating.

We support all character sets (with the exception of right to left languages such as Arabic).

Use the tool bar to add style to words as required.

Whilst there is a hyperlink button available on the editor, we’d recommend there are no hyperlinked words in the body copy. Keep the focus on the ratings buttons.

Select your icon set

Click on an icon set to include them within your template. Alternatively, you can upload your own.

Name your temperature ratings

You can add text to display next to your icons to describe what each represents.

Note the “characters left” recommendation. Whilst you don’t have to follow it – keep your text simple.

Upload a logo to appear in your Email Thermometer

Choose a logo. Note it will be uploaded when you next save the page Рusing the button at the top or bottom of the page. Experiment to make sure it looks right within the template.

We suggest it’s around 300px wide x 90px tall. JPG, GIF and PNG files only.

Choose a color for the title bar

Use the color picker OR if you have a corporate HEX code, paste it into the box. Ensure there’s a ‘#’ before the number. You’ll see the color immediately appear.

The question text in the title bar box will switch from light to dark, depending on color.

Who will this Email Thermometer come from, when sent?

This will set the FROM address – the name and email address your recipients will see in their inbox.

It’s important to enter a real name and email address. This will help with both trust and deliverability.

Please do not use email addresses from public mail services such as Gmail, Yahoo or AOL. 

Click here to see the best approach for avoiding email rejections.

Email Thermometer reply-to address

Enter a real email address, which is monitored regularly.

Recipients may click “reply” to the email. If they do, their emails will go to this address.

Email alert notifications

Choose to be notified when a recipient leaves a response or comment. Details here.

Previewing your Email Thermometer

At any point, you can click the preview button (top or bottom of the screen) to see how your creation is looking. Note that when you click preview, your template will be saved too.

Your template will popup in a preview box. Make as many edits as you wish before sending.

If you’ve used Custom fields, they will be displayed with “%%” and will only be merged on sending.

Sending a test

Once you are happy with your preview – you can send the registered account holder a test by clicking the orange envelope button. Please note where your test emails will be sent to:

When the Email Thermometer arrives in your inbox – you are free to click the ratings. They will not register responses (as it’s a test). Instead, you’ll be shown a confirmation you’ve clicked a test email.

You can preview Landing pages via the Landing pages tab.

That’s your next step – to set up the Landing pages your recipients will see after clicking a response.

Updated on October 8, 2020

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