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Setting up an Exclaimer Thermometer

Ensure you choose your correct version. Click here for Exchange Edition setup.

Please ensure your signature is applied server-side to allow the capture of identifiable feedback.

Your survey will still work if applied client-side, you will just lack identifiable feedback in your Customer Thermometer reporting.

Below will show you how to disable your signature being applied client-side.

Exclaimer Cloud set-up

Create your Exclaimer Embedded Thermometer

Create a new Embedded Thermometer.

Choose ‘Exclaimer Cloud 365’ from the Embedded Thermometer type drop down menu.

Ensure you disable address capture on Landing pages.

Generating your embed code

Click the ‘Generate embed code button’. You will see a window popup.

In the pop-up, enter your Exclaimer variables into the fields as shown below:

The variables you enter will dictate what data is captured alongside the ratings in your account, so this is an important step for ensuring the feedback you collect is identifiable.

Below are some commonly used variables for easy copying / pasting:

Recipient email address(es): {Recipient}
Sender’ first name: {FirstName}
Sender’ last name: {LastName}
Sender’s email address: {EmailAddress}
Company name: {CompanyName}
Message subject: {Subject}
Country: {Co}
Department: {Department}
Job title: {Title}

You can of course add other variables to pull through additional information from Exclaimer if you wish, e.g. Job Title, Team, Dept, Location, etc. There are a few custom fields available for use.

Finally,  click ‘Generate Hyperlinks’:

Customer Thermometer will generate a set of unique image links and response links for pasting into your Exclaimer template:

Adding your Thermometer to your Exclaimer Cloud 365 Edition template

Option 1

If you wish to do this yourself, there is one option: adding the icons & links via signature editing:

customer thermometer exclaimer signature edit


Option 2

We recommend you send your question, icons and links to the Exclaimer team and ask them to design it into your signature.

Very soon, their new drag and drop interface will allow you to self-serve and provide completely flexibility on where to add your Thermometer.

That’s it, you’re ready to go. Both systems are connected, and the responses and comments will be registered,  in the Customer Thermometer reporting area.

When sending to multiple addresses, any feedback left will be attributed to ALL recipients.
This signature is best used for single recipients.

Exclaimer Exchange Edition set-up

Create your Exclaimer Embedded Thermometer

Create a new Embedded Thermometer.

Choose ‘Exclaimer Exchange’ from the Embedded Thermometer type drop down menu:

Ensure you disable address capture on Landing pages.

Generate your embed code

Click the ‘Generate embed code’ button. You will see a window pop up.


Add the following Exclaimer variables into the popup:

Email: {Message Recipients}
Custom 1: {E-mail}

This will ensure that the email address of the recipient is tracked correctly, and the sender’s address will be stored in the Custom 1 field.

Exclaimer have more variables available in their Active Directory, and you’ll know that they’ve been inputted correctly when they turn purple:

exclaimer variables working

Click ‘Generate HTML’.

Customer Thermometer will generate the unique HTML code ready for pasting into your Exclaimer Exchange template.

At this point, Exclaimer ask that you check your HTML in a browser window, and refrain from copying the code straight into the source.

Admins will then need to define the relevant rules as per normal Exclaimer setup.

Amend icons / layout within the HTML as required. Ensure hyperlinks are not altered in any way.

Adding your Thermometer to your On Premise signature

Setup up your signature using a standard HTML table and dynamic content. Exclaimer have more on this here.

customer thermometer on premise html

Using Exclaimer’s guide, you should be able to set up a structure of tables and dynamic content to form your signature:

customer thermometer exclaimer on premise table

Updated on March 31, 2021

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