Exports allow you to be able to export part or all of your response data, for analysis outside of your Customer Thermometer reporting. You may wish to filter data, combine with other external data or present bespoke charts to management.

Access exports here:

Note Blast exports are also available from within each Blast Breakdown report too.

Any responses that have been blocked by Clickblocker will not be included in an export. Clickblocker responses can be seen by selecting “Blocked” on the responses tab or using the export option within Clickblocker itself.


Follow the instructions provided. For Step 1, Choose your date range and context:

Note at this stage you can also click to export ALL data from your account.

Step 2 allows you to be more granular.
Choose to export data associated with a specific Thermometer OR a specific Blast.

There is also an option to export Bounce data separately (Email Thermometers only).

All exports will download immediately in .CSV format, suitable for opening in Excel.

If a CSV file is not generated and this page refreshes after clicking ‘Generate CSV’, it is because no data is available within the data range you’ve requested. Try selecting a new report or date range.

Example CSV report

The screenshot was cropped for space.
All custom fields are available in columns to the right, along with User Agent.

Updated on April 27, 2020

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