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Sending Email Thermometers internally

Corporate email systems are complex. Many rules are put in place to stop malicious activity. Sometimes, systems are over-zealous and trap genuine emails.

Customer Thermometer works closely with a specialist email provider to ensure deliverability.

Within corporate environments, email settings are crucial to getting delivery right. Please follow our instructions below.

Sending / testing within a corporate environment

Email Thermometers can be sent from one corporate address ([email protected]) to another, on the same domain eg ([email protected]). Quite often, this is just to test the system.

If the FROM address is defined as [email protected], it’s likely the Acmewidgets mail servers will block the email, as the email is seen to be originating from outside of its domain. If that’s the case, Jane will never receive the email and we will receive a bounceback.

On receiving that bounceback, we will suppress that email address as part of our safe-guards. Contact us if you feel your address may have been suppressed.

To avoid Thermometer emails being rejected, when you create your Email Thermometer template, use our default FROM address:  [email protected]

Sending to suppliers and customers

When sending to recipients outside of your corporate environment, it’s safe to use your own corporate email address as the FROM address.

To keep our email deliverability record high, please ensure the FROM email address doesn’t contain email addresses from public mail services such as Gmail, Yahoo or AOL.


Updated on June 13, 2018

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