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iOS app Tablet Thermometer setup

When your Tablet Thermometer(s) have been created by the team, you’ll be notified.

Downloading the Customer Thermometer iOS app

Visit the app store on your iPad and search for “Customer Thermometer” (two words).

Or click below.

Our app is free. It has a small footprint and will install quickly.

Launch the app and then ensuring you’re connected to wifi, login to your account using the credentials for your online Customer Thermometer account.

Setting up your Tablet Thermometer

You’ll then see all Tablet Thermometers listed and available for access within your account screen. In the example below, you see several available. You may just have one showing.

Tap the “Tap to activate” button for the Tablet Thermometer you’d like to enable:


Your Tablet Thermometer will then fill the screen and remain active, whenever you launch the Customer Thermometer app.

To stop the Tablet Thermometer from running, you can access the settings area again by swiping as shown:
Access settings

Capturing responses whilst online or offline

Customer Thermometer’s iOS app is designed to capture responses with or without wifi.

Once your Tablet Thermometer is activated, you are then free to disconnect from wifi if you wish. Useful in an area with poor, or expensive network access.

If wifi is connected, responses will appear in your Customer Thermometer account (via the standard app login) in real time.

If the iPad is offline, responses will be stored locally. Once wifi is reconnected, responses will typically sync automatically. To ensure that’s the case, access your settings screen and check to see if there are responses to upload. If that’s the case, tap the upload responses button to force synchronization.

Note too, that shaking the iPad whilst in Tablet mode will also sync responses.


Logging out of the iOS app will delete all stored responses.
Ensure all responses are synced, before logging out.

Updated on June 15, 2018

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