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Setting up a Kaseya VSA ServiceDesk Thermometer

Create your Kaseya VSA ServiceDesk Embedded Thermometer

These instructions are for VSA users, with the ServiceDesk module. If you use VSA, without ServiceDesk and rely on the native ticketing, click here for our solution.

Create a new Embedded Thermometer.

Choose “Basic Links” from the i) Embedded Thermometer type drop down box.

Ensure you disable address capture on Landing pages.

Generate your embed code

Click the Generate embed code button. You will see a window popup.

Edit as required the fields shown below:

You will find other fields in your Kaseya Service Desk “Edit Message Template” area:

For ease, those fields are available below, for easy cutting / pasting:

Email: [$SubmitterEmailAddress$]

First name: [$SubmitterName$]

Company: [$Organization$]

Custom 1 (Ticket ID): [$TicketId$]

Custom 2 (Agent name): [$Assignee$]

Custom 3 (Optional example):[$SolutionType$]

When you’re happy, click “Generate hyperlinks”.

Add feedback buttons to specific email notification templates

This is an example using the Ticket Closure notification and/or the Ticket Updated notification.

Paste your 4 tracking links, generated by Customer Thermometer to a Word doc, for safe keeping. Keep the pop up open – as you’ll need the links to the image URLs.

Select the Message Template you want to customize – such as the ‘CS Customer Email Ticket Closed Notification’, and double click it, or click ‘edit’:

Edit the message and add your Customer Thermometer icons. Customize the message however you wish – use the most appropriate wording and encourage feedback.

Add your 4 icons. On the Edit Message Template, click the ‘Upload file’ icon (a paperclip).

Click ‘Browse’ and then paste in the Gold image link from your Customer Thermometer pop up where shown below

Ensure this is NOT the tracking link, but the link to the image itself.

Repeat this for all four icons.

Add the tracking links to each icon, from the popup / Word doc, as suggested earlier.

Select the Gold image and click the hyperlink button. Copy the Gold tracking link and paste as shown:

Do the same with the other three links.

You will then be left with a message which looks something like this…

This will then add feedback links to each icon, allowing you to track 1-click feedback, identifiable to that customer, agent and ticket ID.

The final result

Depending on how you’ve configured your Kaseya Service Desk account, when a note is updated / ticket is solved, the links will then resolve the fields in the email to track the recipient, ticket and agent details inside your Customer Thermometer account.

Your outbound email will look something like this:

When a customer clicks a rating – it is stored, within your Customer Thermometer account.

Use VSA, but don’t have ServiceDesk?

By installing a simple script from Kaseya’s Automation Exchange, onPrem VSA users can now batch send ticket closure feedback requests at the end of each day.

  • VSA supports what is called Agent Procedures (AP). This a powerful scripting tool that can utilised to do a lot of automation.
  • We’ve written an AP that can be scheduled on a daily basis to query the SQL DB.
  • It looks for tickets closed for that day and will send a template e-mail from the to the user, with HTML Tags required to connect to a Customer Thermometer generated survey.

You can access the script and installation instructions here.

Installing the Agent Procedure

Upload the procedure with the Import Folder/Procedure tool in the Agent Procedures module under Schedule / Create.

The Powershell Script “CustomerThermometer.ps1” needs to be edited prior to be uploaded to the VSA server.

Line 1: If your VSA server is different than the SQL server, replace HOSTNAME with the SQL server name, otherwise leave it as is.

Line 2: Replace INSERT SQL USERNAME HERE with your SQL admin username.

Line 3: Replace INSERT SQL PASSWORD HERE with your SQL admin password.

Line 7: Replace INSERT EMAIL PASSWORD HERE with the email password you setup for the VSA Outbound email account. It will pull the account, smtp server and port automatically from the VSA.

Line 10: Replace INSERT HTML CODE HERE with the HTML embed code you can obtain by following the instructions above. Use the variables shown before generating your HTML.

Import the Powershell script “CustomerThermometer.ps1” into the VSA’s managed files. By default it is to be imported into the “Shared Files” folder. If you import to a different folder, make sure to edit the agent procedure, line 1 and select the script at the correct location.

Once the Powershell script has been imported, you can start scheduling the procedure. It is meant to be scheduled on the VSA server. It is recommended scheduling it once a day, at the end of business day so that there are no duplicate emails sent for the same closed ticket.

If you need more information, please get in touch.

Updated on February 11, 2019

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