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Creating Landing Pages

Changes can be made to Landing Pages at any time. They will be live immediately.
You do not need to regenerate Embedded Thermometers.

What is a Landing Page?

When a recipient clicks or taps an icon, their response is recorded within your account and they’re shown a brandable, customizable ‘landing page’ in their browser. (you can check out some cool landing page designs for inspiration here.)

The page acknowledges their response and allows them to leave a comment (if you wish).

There are 4 landing pages per Thermometer (one for each possible rating.)

Each landing page can be previewed using the buttons at the top (this does not register as a response):

You will need to save your latest edits before you can preview them. If your Thermometer is already in use and you want to experiment with some options without setting the changes live, then you can simply duplicate your Thermometer so you have a copy to experiment with.

Landing page creation

All fields accept all character types, with the exception of right to left languages (such as Arabic).

Landing page intro heading

This text acknowledges the response and is consistent across all four pages.

Click confirmations

Email Thermometers – Customize the “You clicked” element – perhaps with your local language. The remainder of the confirmation is automatically generated from the 4 response options.

Embedded Thermometers – Customize all 5 elements to confirm the response.

We recommend adding speech marks around the response types:

From 12 Sept 2017, speech marks are no longer automatically added, to cater for all languages.

Comments setup

Comments are optional. Ratings are stored, regardless of whether a comment is left.

You can prompt for a comment on all or some landing pages.

For example, you may be interested in more detail from a recipient if they’ve had a bad experience.

Tick the pages you’d like to enable comments for and customize the other three text options as required. This is consistent across all 4 ratings pages.

To receive comment alerts, enter the email address(es) as shown. For more detail about email alerts click here.

Thank you text

Thank you text can be customised for each landing page type. Ensure you reflect the response with your choice of language. The default text will be helpful.

You can stylise the text / add hyperlinks as required, using the toolbar:

Custom fields are also available to add within the text.

The fields within the landing pages are designed to only contain short simple text, but it is absolutely fine to use bits of HTML formatting like bold or spacing for example.


You can choose from a range of web-safe fonts for your comment capture and landing pages. Really helpful to match in with your corporate font book or brand guidelines.

Social media buttons

Typically you’d include social media buttons on Gold and/or Green landing pages. You can create as many buttons as you’d like. Use our library for the main networks, or upload your own icons.

To add a link which causes Twitter to share a specific URL, use the following link:


To add a link which causes Twitter to share a specific piece of text, use the following link:


Logo upload

Choose a logo. Note it will be uploaded when you next save the page – using the button at the top or bottom of the page. Experiment to make sure it looks right within your pages.

We suggest it’s around 300px wide x 100px tall. JPG, GIF and PNG files only.

Adverts can be placed on each landing page as required. You may want a single image on all pages, a different one on each page or none at all. Be mindful of the rating being left.

You can upload an image (suggested 350px wide x 500px tall) and attach a hyperlink to each one.

Note: all images will be uploaded when you next save the page. Don’t forget to preview the page.

Removing an image

Choose a footer image. It will be uploaded when you next save the page. If you don’t upload an image, a default one will appear.

We suggest using a footer that is 920px wide, and a maximum of 100px tall. JPG, GIF and PNG files only.

Choose a background color

Use the color picker OR if you have a corporate HEX code, paste it into the box. Ensure there’s a ‘#’ before the number. You’ll see the color immediately appear.

This color is consistent across all Landing pages. The default is a grey color.

Updated on December 29, 2020

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